Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites Recipe- Refined Sugar Free, Vegan Option

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I'm a sucker for dessert- I sometimes really crave something sweet and yummy, and not just a fruit. The problem is that desserts usually fall in one of two categories- cheap and unhealthy, or healthy and expensive. (Ok, three- there are also expensive unhealthy desserts.) So when I'm trying to save money, I make desserts that are cheap, even if not so healthy, if that's what the people I'm making it for will enjoy. So that's what I did the other day- I made chocolate chip cookies, not so healthy ones, but... then I knew that having them in the house would tempt me, and I knew that I didn't want to be eating those, so I decided to mix up a little batch of an alternative to "do the trick" and satisfy my craving for junk. I made these paleo chocolate chip cookie bites and they were really terrific. I used my cacao nibs that had just arrived from iherb, as well as broken cashews that I bought on sale at a super cheap price, as well as pre-pitted pureed dates which are the cheapest types of dates I can get here and also work out terrifically for desserts like this.
These were really enjoyable- can I say they taste exactly like chocolate chip cookies? No. But they certainly hit the spot and made me not the least bit jealous of the chocolate chip cookie eaters.

If you don't have cacao nibs, feel free to use whatever chocolate you have, whether homemade refined sugar free chocolates, some other healthy type of chocolate chips, or even non healthy chocolate chips, they just won't be paleo.

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites Recipe- Refined Sugar Free, Vegan Option

2 cups cashews
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons pitted dates/puree
2 pinches ground vanilla (I use homemade) or vanilla extract
1 pinch salt
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon honey or maple syrup or other liquid sweetener
1/4-1/3 cup raw cacao nibs/paleo approved chocolate chips

1. Grind your cashews in a food processor until they start to become crumbs.

2. Add your dates a little bit at a time, continuing to process it between each batch that you add, until it is all added and mixed in.

3. Add the rest of the ingredients other than the cacao nibs and process until smooth.

4. Mix in the cacao nibs/chocolate chips until combined.

5. Make little balls of the mixture, and put in the refrigerate to solidify completely.


What is your favorite healthy snack to eat or make? If you are making non healthy snacks, or less healthy snacks for other people, what do you tend to eat for yourself? An alternative? Nothing? Or the not so healthy snack?

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  1. When I ate Paleo I would bake Paleo cake/cookies once in a while, but I got fed up quickly with them : I found that whatever recipe I would bake, everything turned out tasting the same and never like "real" desserts.
    Now that I don't eat Paleo anymore, I am not in the habit of baking. I actually try to avoid sweets, so I'll just bake for special occasions like birthday cakes.
    My downfall is anything that is salty and crunchy, like chips, crackers...

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