My Latest Super Frugal Shops and Discovering Some New Bargain Stores

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It's actually been almost 2 weeks since I did this grocery shop, but it actually was the last "big" shop I did, and I still have much of this in my house, and since it was such a terrific shop, I had to share what I bought and why.

So firstly, I went to the city to shop for two reasons- one, because I'd heard about a new scratch and dent store and I just had to go check it out, and because I needed produce and knew the cheapest place I can get it is at the market. I got such terrific deals- for the entire shop I paid only $69.04!

The scratch and dent store was one I'd never have known existed if it hadn't been for my friend, Charlene posting about it in a local frugality Facebook group. Even passing it from the outside, I had no idea what treasures were inside, since it just looked like a candy store on the outside, but walking in, I saw bins and bins and shelves and shelves of goodies that are usually a fortune, but there were dirt cheap! Best of all, most of what I saw was actually either healthy or mostly healthy, not full of junk, and most was gluten free as well. Gluten free packaged foods are usually a fortune round these parts, so finding them for cheaper than gluten packaged foods was really exciting.

So here's what I got:
Canned hearts of palm were sold 3 for $3.40, or $1.14 each, when they usually go for $2.30 per piece, and I sometimes can find them on same for about $1.50 per piece. So I bought 3, because as much as I like them and as much as they were at a great price compared to their usual price, they still aren't super cheap.
They had gluten free onion crackers, made with potatoes and egg and palm oil mainly- all ingredients I am happy to use in my house. The only ingredients I wasn't thrilled about was the sugar and the maltodextrin, but other than that, no objectionable ingredients, and at 3 packages for $2.85 or 95 cents each, when I usually see them in the store for $5.70- $7.14 each, they were a terrific price, so I got three boxes. My only regrets- I should have bought another 6.
Peanut butter was being sold, 2 ~1 lb jars for $4.28, or $2.14 per jar, when usually I see it being sold in ~2 lb containers for $6-$6.85, so that was a terrific price since peanut butter is relatively expensive and we use it a lot in our house. Oh- and I forgot to mention- they were 100% peanuts, so no objectionable ingredients either! I bought 6 jars, but should have bought many more- I plan on going back and buying at least 10.
Chocolate chips were sold for 3 packages for $2.85, or 95 cents each, which was an amazing price, given that they are usually at least $2 per package, and the only objectionable ingredients were sugar and artificial vanilla, so I bought 6. In retrospect I should have bought lots more.
Grape juice was being sold, 2 bottles for $4.28 or $2.14 each. Not an amazing price, but decent enough, since usually the cheapest I can find it for locally is $2.85 each or $3.42 not on sale, and we use grape juice regularly. I bought 4 bottles, and need to go back and buy more.
There's these local mini oyster cracker type things for soup that my family loves. They are not something I always buy, because they are typically expensive and not so healthy, especially when they are gluten free, but my family loves them, and when I serve soup with them, even soups that my family isn't always willing to eat happily, such as cheaper legume based soups (lentil soups, split pea soups, etc), become a real treat. Essentially- they make my family more willing to eat cheap dishes, but when these mini oyster crackers are a $2.50 per bag like they usually are gluten free, they aren't exactly worth it... So when I saw these gluten free oyster type cracker, without a single objectionable ingredient for 10 for $2.85, or 28 cents a bag, it was really exciting, and I bought 20.

This whole visit to the scratch and dent store cost me $39.05... and my only regrets about that shop was that I didn't buy enough. I need to go back and hope that they still have more of everything I bought and at those prices (since these stores are kind of hit or miss)- and I especially want to buy a ton more chocolate chips, soup nuts, peanut butter, and grape juice.

After the scratch and dent store, I went to market and visited my favorite reduced rack stalls.

I went to one of them, run by G, and saw sweet potatoes for 26 cents a pound- usually 65 cents is a good price but I've been generally finding them for $1.15 per pound, so I stocked up and bought a ton of sweet potatoes, about 3 shopping bags full.
I was convinced to buy some seedless super sweet clementines for 39 cents a pound. First he wanted to sell them to me for 60 cents a pound, but I bargained him down to 39 cents a pound. I got a very large shopping bag of clementines.
Total for that shop was $10, and the stall owner threw in a punnet of hot peppers for free.

Right next to G's shop I discovered a new reduced rack stall, run by Y, with some terrific prices!
Radishes were being sold for 29 cents per pound; usually when I see then at 75 cents per pound I buy them since I love them and consider that to be cheap, so at 29 cents a pound I bought 5 pounds.
Celery is typically expensive found these parts, one bunch of celery for $1.42, so its not something I buy often... but Y was selling them in packages of 2, and the packages were being sold 3 for $1.42 or 47 cents a package, or 23 cents a bunch... I was so excited by those prices that I bought 6 packages.
Cute little round stuffing zucchinis were 19 cents a pound, so I bought 7.5 lbs.  Altogether, the shop a Y's stall cost me $5.71.

At R's stall, where he doesn't tell you prices in advance, but just tells you the total cost of your shop, and you just have to trust it's a good deal- I got 2 shopping bags of carrots, a few bunches of bananas, 3 small cabbages, and a leek for $7.14.

And then, as a treat, since I hadn't had broccoli in a while and we really love it, I splurged and bought 2 bunches for $2.28 per bunch, or $4.57 at that stall. (If I had known that the next week I would have gotten a ton of broccoli gifted to me, I wouldn't have bothered, but since I didn't know that then, no regrets.)

Total at the farmer's market- $29.99.

I think these were really amazing shops, especially given the amount of food it was, and the prices I got for them- I still haven't needed to do another grocery shop (other than to pick up cereal and milk for breakfasts)...

But next time I need to do some grocery shopping, I know exactly where I'm going to go to get the best bargains!

Have you gotten any amazing deals lately? What were they? How much would a shop like what I did cost you?

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  1. Hi Penny. What are soup nuts? Not something I'm familiar with in the UK.

  2. Wow that is a lot of food!

  3. I'm surprised those hearts of palm are $1.14 each. I buy that same brand here in Canada for 99 cents each (on sale)!

  4. So jealous of your finds! In my area, the farmer's markets are all overpriced and there is no such thing as a reduced rack stall. Additionally, we have a lot of dollar stores but they don't carry much in terms of cheap produce.

  5. Kroger had crab legs on sale for $6 lb. I only bought 4 but we used them in 2 dishes for a total of 6 meals, bringing the cost down to $1 a meal. I can't eat fake crab anymore...soooo

  6. If I could find root veggies for the prices your getting them, I'd dig a root cellar. Best I can do is shop at Aldi's and hope for the best.

  7. I live in Hughesville Maryland does anyone know of scratch and dented stores within 20 Miles around me?

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