Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Eat Healthy Gluten Free Food On A Budget

Gluten free items can get pricey, but for some people they are necessary. Here's some tips, by reader Sam Rimini, about how to eat gluten free on a budget. Thanks for the ideas!

Trying to live without gluten on a budget can be challenging. It often seems as if the prices for gluten free foods are intentionally increased, as if to discourage health conscious shoppers on a budget. With so many of us struggling to find ways to eat healthy and stretch our dollar, these helpful tips will keep you fit, while remaining within your budget.

Stock Up With Coupons

When there are sales or you have coupons that can be used on pantry items that are typically more expensive, it is important to stock up whenever the opportunity presents itself. Quinoa, gluten free pasta, canned tomatoes and beans are all items you should make a point of stocking up on when you have the coupons that enable you to do so. Promo codes are a great way to save not only on food, but also other items, such as home appliances or clothes, so remember to look for Nordstrom coupons or other opportunities to get discounts, which will give you more budget for your nutritional needs.

Have Breakfast For Dinner

This tried and true trick will not only work for you, but your kids will enjoy it greatly, as well. There are a number of breakfast foods that are versatile enough to be eaten for dinner, including omelettes (you can even add some blue corn chips for added flavor) or a quiche pie that is comprised of spaghetti and vegetables.

Be Creative With Leftovers

Whenever you have some leftover quinoa, rice, or a stew, this is the time to get creative. Mix and match your foods for a more interesting meal. Chili can be baked with rice, veggies and chicken make for a great combination or you can combine all of your leftovers into a delicious pie. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box.

Pasta Is Your Friend

While gluten free pasta tends to run a tad more pricey than traditional, you will often be able to use your coupons and stockpile gluten free pasta whenever it is on sale. You can enjoy a classic spaghetti and meatballs or grab some lean turkey and whip up a delightful tetrazzini.

Embrace The Versatility Of Potatoes

Potatoes are an inexpensive item that can be used in a number of different ways. You can make a potato leek soup or add a baked potato as a side dish to your meal. Potatoes are also able to be mixed with veggies and chili and if the prices at your local grocery store are too high, don't be afraid to head to the farmer's market.

Don't Rely On Prepackaged Snacks

Did you know that you can enjoy twice the snacks, at a fraction of the price? There are a number of common snacking items that you can create on your own at home, including hummus and chips. Even pesto can be made at home, with the benefits being twofold. Making your own snacks allows you to eat healthier and eat more, for a reduced rate. This gives you the chance to invest in coupons and stock your pantry.

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