Friday, March 4, 2016

My First Gluten Free Experience- Gluten Free Barbecue Parties

I've been gluten free for so long that sometimes I forget that for some people gluten free is so foreign to them that they might not know what to do. And then I get reminded by posts like this one, by Tanya K, that not everyone knows what it means to do something gluten free.

This is a great post for beginners to the gluten free scene, to know how to be able to host people that are gluten free. Just one more thing that this post didn't cover- be careful with cross contamination. Because people often cook straight gluten on barbecue grills, and people don't generally clean grills spotless between each barbecue, unless you're using a brand new grill, make sure to clean off your grill very well so there isn't gluten caked on to it which will contaminate all your gluten free items you're putting on the grill.
Also, from experience, people are totally oblivious when it comes to cross contamination- I've been to a barbecue where people toasted their buns after the gluten free food was made, and then put them in the container with the cooked gluten free food, making it all contaminated with gluten and unable to be eaten. And people smear condiments on their gluten free bread with a knife, then stick the knives back into the condiments, contaminating them. So I highly suggest that, especially if you're making a barbecue for a non gluten free aware crowd, to keep it entirely gluten free, because otherwise mix ups are pretty much inevitable, and that's just a recipe for trouble.
If you aren't going to make the entire thing gluten free, first clean the grill well and cook all the gluten free foods first, and only after that, cook the gluten foods. And keep separate containers/serving bowls aside (and clearly labeled that it is just) for the gluten free guests, so that there is no worry about those things being cross contaminated.

I love barbeque parties. First, it is easy to prepare, and secondly, the whole drawn round the table can enjoy food and nature. My friends and family are glad to help me in organizing and afterwards making a feast of foods cooked by me. But this time the BBQ party was special for me. We invited Tommy, the old friend of my husband and Elisabeth, his girl-friend. Both of them are gluten-free consumers. They met each other on online dating site. During conversation taken place in a dating chat room they found out that gluten intolerance is the disorder that stuck them both. That was the starting point of their love story.

Since I have not had any experience in preparing gluten free foods, I had to gain an insight and plan our gluten free BBQ party. I decided not to make separate dishes for us and for gluten-free guests. It was a challenge for me to try something new and obtain new skills. Here are some precautions to be taken:

This main dish does not require special caution. The choice is wide - chicken, beef, pork and fish. The main criteria here are your and guests’ preferences. Be careful with marinades and sauces. The thing is that they contain hidden gluten. So, you need to choose bottles with the ‘gluten free’ label. In case you use ordinary sauces for you and other guest, you need to avoid dropping. Even one drop of them can cause harm to people with gluten intolerance.

Salads and sandwiches
Fresh salads, grilled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, risotto and beans, gluten free hotdogs should be prepared as usual but following the same rule. No usual toppings and condiments. They should all have the label ‘gluten free’. Only then these dishes can be considered safe. Your consciousness will be needed in the kitchen. Here you need to use separate flatware for cooking non-gluten dishes. The same rule should be applied to all kitchenware and surfaces.

Beverages and Drinks
Most sodas are gluten free. 100% fresh juice is another friend of gluten free people. Wine, tequila and rum can be easily offered, too. I was surprised to know that beer was gluten-containing drink. But good news is that there are a lot of gluten free options for beer lovers. It is better to ask your guests which brand they prefer. I tried them and was not disappointed.

We had ice-cream, gluten free cupcakes and fresh fruits for dessert. It is easy to find even recipes for gluten free cake. Elisabeth invited us and promised to bake her favorite chocolate cake without gluten.

This part is relaxing since does not require any caution. Just have fun!
The party was successful! We had a great time. Moreover, what is important is that my friends totally forgot of non-gluten characteristic of this meal. If you host such party, special knowledge is required. However, it is not so difficult to organize. My best recipe for the best gluten free BBQ is good mood and nice company!

Is your family gluten free? If not, have you ever had any gluten free guests? What tips would you have for people who want to be able to host gluten free guests? And anyone else gluten free- what tips would you give to people who want to host events with gluten free guests?

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  1. please take note that since gluten is actually latin for glue it impossible to scrub a grill clean. indoors one would use lots of dish soap and hot water. however, one should use foil to protect the meat for someone with a severe gluten intolerance or celiac.


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