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If you're a fan of online shopping as I am, and if you love getting the best deals while shopping, as frugal people like ourselves do, I've got a great site to recommend to you. 

GiveMeDeals is exactly as the name describes- its a great site to give you deals. 

The way it works is you go to and the first thing you see is a sampling of the deals available to you. Just click on a deal to reveal the details and get the coupon code, then go to the relevant store and plug it in.

Alternatively, you can go to the featured stores page, where you can browse stores by category, or go through a list of the stores in each category to see what deals there are available for each store.

You can also search for specific stores using the handy search bar at the top.

Of course, with all online shopping, and shopping in general, you should price compare to see where the best deals are- just because you have a coupon code somewhere doesn't necessarily mean that it's the most frugal to shop there. Sometimes buying something not on sale from a certain store works out cheaper than another store on sale.
But if you had your eye on something specific at a certain store, especially when it's not something that you can just as easily get from another store, search on GiveMeDeals to see if you can find a deal for that store, and maybe you'll get exactly what your heart desired, for a steal. 

Good luck, and happy deal hunting!

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