Post-Baby Hacks to Take Advantage Of

Though I'm not expecting a new baby any time in the near future, I know many of my readers probably are, so hopefully you'll enjoy this post by another reader.

Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned pro, the time after you give birth is an intense and emotional time. Your body is regulating itself back to the homeostasis it was at nine months ago. You have this new person to love, teach, and care for, while still balancing other external factors of your life – work, other children, personal relationships. It is a tough time that can weigh heavy on your heart and well-being. This time is for you and the maintenance of yourself, so that you can be the best mom you can be to your new love.

During the first few weeks of post-pregnancy life, there are a few parental hacks for newborns that can help your body and mind get back in synch with one another:

Chore Board for Family
Many people are likely to pop-in when you have a newborn baby, and want to help out a little bit. But, with the lack of sleep, you might be a little foggy or otherwise hard pressed to think of something for them to do on the spot. Not to mention, it may be a little bit awkward to tell a friend or loved one to do something that you are tired to do. Write out a few to-dos for around the house work that visitors can refer to if they would like to help out.

Letting the caring people in your life frees you of the tedious and draining household chores, and lets them feel useful to your cause. Some good chore ideas to have on hand for guests include, changing the bed sheets, taking the dog for a walk, starting or folding laundry, cleaning the dishes, rubbing stretch mark cream on your tummy (maybe not all guests for this one), running miscellaneous errands, and even cooking a tasty meal for you and your cargo. Your visitors will feel glad they helped and you’ll have a little bit of weight lifted off you!

Properly Use the Onesies
For the first few months, newborns are still really malleable and don’t fit normal clothes all that well. Which is what makes the onesie so perfect- it’s an all-inclusive outfit that slides on and off with relative ease. But, did you know you were likely only utilizing half the total potential of this piece of wonder-clothing?

The little flaps up at the shoulder area weren’t just a fashion statement, they were designed to open around the baby’s shoulders and come down in case of an explosive diaper situation. That way, you avoid making an even bigger mess as you try to clean up your baby.

Make an In-Home Nursing Station
Any experienced parent will tell you all about the mistakes they made those first few weeks of becoming a parent. Stories about fumbling around in the dark for feeding accessories, tired, trying to let their partner sleep. Setting up a nursing station somewhere in your home with all the essential supplies will help ease the burden of trying to locate all these must-have items during this critical time for baby. For a detailed list of what items you should supply when making your nursing station, keep reading here.

So there you have it. Having a baby is the most exciting and difficult part of many women’s lives. Take advantage of these post-baby resource hacks and your body and mind will thank you.

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