Healthy Girl: 5 Small Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

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Losing at least a couple pounds is something that’s on just about everybody’s minds in some capacity. Beginning a weight-loss journey doesn’t have to begin with moving in to your local gym or eating crackers for every meal. Instead, imagine more realistic and sustainable changes that you can make in your daily routine. Often times, a small and simple adjustment in your day-to-day can produce the biggest successes.

Consider the following changes to make to your lifestyle and you’ll find your losing weight without working too hard!

Eggs for Breakfast
The International Journal of Obesity found that replacing your morning bagel with eggs could help you lose 65 percent more weight. The test subjects who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight, body fat and inches from around their waist than those who ate the same amount caloric intake from a bagel. Researchers believe the higher protein content of the eggs helps maintain “fullness” for longer which leads to eating less throughout your day.

Add Fruits and Veggies
One of the secrets to losing weight that might not be obvious, is that cutting down on food doesn’t necessarily equate to weight loss. In fact, adding in more fruits and vegetables helps you stay fuller for longer and with less calories and more nutrition. If you want to lose weight without feeling hungry all the time, try adding at least one serving of fruits and vegetables with every snack, and two for meals.

Stop Taking Weekends Off
It’s a common misconception to think that dieting well throughout the week is going to give you free reign to let go on the weekends. However, if you don’t eat well Friday through Saturday, you’re going to end up with 12 “off” days a month – that’s almost half the month! Instead of letting your work schedule influence your eating habits, focus on creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable all month (with an indulgence every now and then) for a truly lasting weight loss.

Close Your Kitchen Down at Night
You might diet great during the day, but when it gets close to bedtime, you get those late-night urges to snack or eat second dinner. If you absolutely have to snack on something, try drinking water or tea, and then brushing your teeth immediately so you will be less likely to try and grab anything else to eat or drink before you head off to bed.

There was a study published by the National Center for Biology Information (NCBI), that found that those who ate their major meal after 3PM lost less weight during a 20-week weight-loss program than those who ate that main meal before 3PM – even when the amount they ate, slept and exercised was the same.

Although these tips aren’t as easy as changing your preferred brand of tampons, but they are simple ways to skim off the top with big life-changing effects to your body!

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