Homemade DIY Pallet Nightstand or End Table

I went to Ikea today to pick up some more things for our home and to place an order for the kitchen, and when I got home, I saw that Mike had started working on another DIY project out of pallets we collected- a nightstand for me. I had mentioned that in our room I didn't yet have a place to put down books or my glasses or phone, so Mike decided to build me one.

Since he was just at the very beginning of the project, I helped him build the rest, and gave design input, and held the wood while he sawed and drilled and sanded.

This entire project took less than two hours, probably less, and would have gone faster if we didn't make a few mistakes and need to undo what we did a few times.

My bedroom is still coming together, so I'm not going to show the entire thing just yet (that'll have to wait for the big reveal, but for now, I wanted to share the night stand.

Which isn't even completely finished yet, but I couldn't wait to show it to you. It still needs to be painted. And we may or may not add another shelf. I think it doesn't need it, but we'll see.

While this is my night stand, my husband will be making either a replica of this, or something very similar (dimensions may be a drop different) as an end table to go between our two couches in the living room.

Making it was pretty simple. Four equal length thicker legs. (Ok, that part wasn't pallets, but it was scrap wood that we had at home anyhow.)

Then screwed wood on to the bottom half of it to hold it together.

Then measured and cut wood for the top surface, and then used another (hidden) plank screwed on to the bottom to hold the wooden slats in place.

We then screwed down the whole thing on to the table legs.

One slat that was wobbly then needed to be tightened and secured more.

And then it was all sanded.

I think it looks really cute and awesome! I am super excited about my nightstand! I am sure it will get lots and lots of good use!

Do you have a night stand next to your bed? What do you usually put on it? 
Would you use a night stand like this?
Does this project look like something you'd try at home?

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  1. I like it unpainted! it looks rustic! I would leave the top unpainted,IMHO. Do you have to paint it?

    1. Yea it is rustic unpainted. I'm less into the rustic look though, and am painting it to match our color scheme.

  2. It's really cute and practical. And what a nice, caring husband you have, Penny! By the way, that book on the nightstand looks like the Tightwad gazette- is that what it is?

    1. Ding ding ding, you get a prize. Yes, that is the tightwad gazette. :-D Yes, thankfully my husband is amazing.

  3. I think you might find another shelf comes in handy. I have a lamp, tissues, flashlight on mine. Some people like a radio, books. I also have a cpap on a lower level.

  4. We used to have two night stands like this! We purchased them at ikea. We loved the low profile.

    Now we use desks on one side of each bed and a night table with drawers on the other side as we need the storage. One desk for paperwork (in the spare room with a daybed we use like a den and computer room), one for makeup, medicines, lotions, etc (in our room) and one for my son's school work in his room. Double duty!

  5. I've been using 2 plastic storage bins with sheer curtains thrown over them to hide the fact that it's plastic bins for 6 years now. Me thinks it's time to get a pallet! Thanks for the DIY, love it and plan to use it.

  6. That is really cute! When I was a teenager my dad made me a similar nightstand. He is a welder though, so the legs were black painted metal instead of wood. He stained the top a beautiful red-brown color. I loved it! Now I use it to display my collection of orchids.

  7. No night stands for me; at the moment my son's bed is right up next to my side of the bed. My husband uses an old ottoman on his side...

  8. My husband has made DIY Pallet end tables four our camper. Well, he actually made it to get the mini-fridge off the floor of our camper, which has it's own fridge but it's WAY cheaper on electric(when you're paying the campground monthly for it) than the built in camper fridge is. Hubby spray painted ours red. Because Ohio State ;)

  9. I so admire you and your husbands DIY ability. You are an inspiration. Love the little nightstand. Even though it is cute how it is, it will look cute painted to match your color scheme. I think the extra shelf below is a good idea. I don't mean this as criticism at all, but do you think it might look better if the lower support boards were put on the inside of the legs? That would also make a good support for another shelf if you wanted one. Congrats on your new home. I am so excited for you. When you first started the process and said it was going to take two years for the house to be built, I had a hard time waiting. I had house empathy for you. I loved your attitude when you redecorated your little apartment in the meantime to make it more livable. I have a daughter with high functioning autism also. Hang in there. I can hardly wait to see your kids bunks painted. :) Signed, Following form SoCal

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