My Tiny, Beautiful, and Romantic and Frugal Master Bedroom- Sneak Peek

I wanted to be able to share pictures of my master bedroom in my new house already, but it's been a work in progress, and still isn't finished yet.

But it's getting there, and today my new sheets just arrived in the mail, and as I made the bed with the brand new sheets I loved how it looked so much that I decided to take a picture and share with you, despite the fact that it isn't done yet, and we've even had to take some steps back.

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The other week when my kids had a stomach bug, in the middle of the night a kid ended up in our bed and then threw up on the curtains, and in our rush to clean up the mess, when we were taking down the curtain rods we accidentally pulled out the hook holding one side of the curtain rod down, and haven't drilled it back up yet. So before that, there was the look of a canopy bed, with lace curtains at each corner, but for now only some of the curtains are up until we manage to re-hang the curtain rods.

Despite knowing the measurements before we moved into the house, when we actually moved in and I saw the size of the bedroom, that it barely fit our mattress, let alone anything else, I got really nervous. But we managed to do something really nice with it, and there's enough room for everything we need in it, and it doesn't just house our stuff, but also manages to be pretty and romantic looking.

Before starting, I did a lot of research on home decor for small spaces, relying on pinterest to show me lots of money and space saving ideas, and I read lots of tips about keeping small places looking nice. Keeping things light and airy makes a big difference, which is how I went with the color scheme. Drawing eyes upwards also makes a place seem bigger, so floor to ceiling curtains all over is how we did that, in addition to the tall headboard. And eliminating clutter as much as possible. Mirrors definitely help as well.

Because there isn't really much room for storage space, I took the idea I saw elsewhere of making a headboard out of Ikea shoeboxes (they're called Trones), and combined that with Ikea's folding boxes for their Kallax units and used them until the bed to store more clothes. Since Mike and I built this bed ourselves (wood we had lying around already, combined with some pallet wood). we were able to build it to fit the exact dimensions we needed, including to fit the storage boxes underneath.

Since there isn't really room for a nightstand next to the left side of the bed, we used Ikea's picture ledges (Mosslanda) as a night stand/catch all for things on that side.

On the other side there's a vanity that cost us nothing other than the Ikea mirrors above it, called Lots, which was super cheap, but that'll be for another post to share how we did that.

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As for the rug, that was the rug that was in my living room, that I bought at Ikea very cheaply- $20 I think- but realized that it wasn't strong enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic that a living room gets (not to mention some kids who like to pick at rugs...) so we moved it back to the bedroom where I'd originally intended it to be.

The light fixture was from Ikea too, I forget what it is called though.

When I get the curtains back up and paint the rest of the furniture in this room, I'll show the rest of it, but for now I'm loving it. I think we did a great job of making it look bigger than the 8.5 feet by 10 feet that it is. When we brought an air conditioner guy to give us an estimate, he was convinced the room was more square feet than it was because of how we decorated so that was cool. 

We could have made our bedroom be as absolutely cheap as possible, no frills, no nice things, but it would have made it insanely cluttered looking and ugly, and in our last home the master bedroom was the dumping place for everyones clutter and I absolutely hated my bedroom (more than any other room in the house), so it was worth it to me to invest in my room a little to make it a place I'd want to be in. I wanted it to have a romantic vacation feel to it, so that my life would feel like the vacation and I wouldn't feel tempted to spend money on a romantic getaway because my room already felt like one. Even though we spent money, we did as much ourselves as we could, and what we bought was all bought on a tight budget from Ikea or or discount websites. 

Now I just need to figure out how to make the bed prettily with softer pillows that don't want to stay firm and pretty for photographs. 

I also have to decide if I want any accent colors in my room or keep it all white and grey like it is now, and if so, what color. But the colors now are really soothing to my soul and make me feel like this tiny room is a cozy and romantic nook, so I'm not sure if I want to do anything more with that.

What color scheme is your bedroom, if any? Is asthetics important for you in your bedroom, and if so, is it important enough to spend money on? How do you manage to balance your desire for beauty and frugality? Do you have any tips on storage and decor in tiny bedrooms? 

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  1. Maybe move the trash can out of the middle of the picture before you take the next one.

  2. I don't like the curtains around the bed. Too fussy. It's like a canopy bed for a little girl. Also, they'll collect dust.

  3. I love the little nook for electronic devices! Great job utilizing your space, Penny! Can't wait for a full house tour :)

  4. Penny, A+, very clever to use the headboard section for additional storage, every inch counts, the curtains add softness & romance, we all need that, especially hardworking moms, hope that you and your family are happy in your new home

  5. I really like what you did. Thank you for the trones's a great idea for a headboard, and elsewhere in the house.

  6. I wouldn't have the bed right against the wall. Also, I would hate to sleep with my head right next to those shelves with the computer. That would really bother me.

  7. So clever and beautiful. You deserve a nice space for you and your husband to call your own. The headboard is really cool and looks like a super expensive one West Elm used to carry. I would keep the color scheme, it's very calming, airy and clean looking. One tip, invest $30 in four new pillows. We had the same ones for years and I thought it was frivolous to buy new ones, but when I did it was life changing! Like sleeping in a fancy hotel bed 🙂

  8. Very Creative ! .and you created so much storage ! . i have an obsession with Tiny living and i adore this idea. I love bed curtain as well

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