Working Hard, Foraging and Cooking Up a Storm

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Musakhan chicken dish, made with foraged sumac

Dear wonderful readers,
I haven't gone anywhere.
Nope, just been super duper busy.
My final everything for my cookbook is due on March 6, and that includes all the photography which I am having professionally done...

So in the last little bit I've been running around like crazy, arranging photographers- three different photography shoots...

Figuring out what I'll be wearing in my photo shoot, and then going clothes shopping at cheap nice stores to buy appropriate clothes for it...

Figuring out what foods I'm photographing for the cookbook and how I'm making each one...
Then buying the necessary dishes for taking the most photogenic pictures, and then foraging the produce needed to make everything (many many foraging trips over many days), preparing all the foods... insane cooking marathons.

Tomorrow is my first photo shoot. I'm nearly ready. Waiting for my last dish to come out of the oven,

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A nut milk and carob syrup alcoholic cocktail

After tomorrow, I still have a lot of work to do, but things will be a little more sane, and I'll be able to breathe a bit more easily (I hope).

But in the meantime, the family is eating well, because each time I make a dish to be photographed, I make more than what is needed, and they are really enjoying it.

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Wild quiches, vegan and not

I'm so excited for this book to come out in print!

I've included a few pics (obviously non professional ones) of some of the foods I've been making. Enjoy!

What have you been up to lately in the kitchen? Any frugal cooking? Foraged cooking? What's the biggest cooking marathon you've ever done? (This is 35+ different foods and such I've made in the last 3 or 4 days...)

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  1. Wow, I hope everything works out for you and the photographers. I have been trying to be frugal. Decided to pantry shop this last week, even made up a menu for 15 days. Was doing good until hubby decided he was tired of pot roast. Works out in the end, I now have lunches for work. And I only spent $40 last week on groceries. Keep up the great work Penny.

  2. Saw the photos Penny. Sometimes your photos are a little grainy and hard to see but I think the professional shots really highlight your cooking skills and artistry.

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