Getting Fit Doesn’t Require An Expensive Fitness Club

This post was written by Sandra Adams, a reader who loves staying fit on a budget.

Being fit has several different aspects. For one, it makes us more healthy. Bodies that are fit and strong have better immune systems, develop diseases less frequently, and are often healthier later in life than. Another aspect is the way being healthy makes us feel. When our bodies are healthy, it means they are working in good order, which has the result of a feeling of stability and well-being. Finally, being fit has a good outcome for our appearances as well. Looking our best has positive benefits for our social lives, and we also feel better about ourselves when we look and feel our best.

However, many people think that to get fit you must pay. Whether through expensive gym memberships, personal training, pricey fitness clothing and gear, or a handful of hot yoga classes, the industry of fitness certainly makes it appear than fitness goes to only those who can afford it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whether you’re trying to lose a little extra weight or attempting to get rid of male breast tissue, the tools you need are already at hand. Here are the best ways to get fit, without spending a lot of money.

1) Exercise Every Day. There are many ways to exercise, but choosing one is essential for getting fit and especially for losing weight. In fact, exercise has more to do with successful weight loss than dieting. Healthy food can be more expensive than unhealthy food, so if you have a strict food budget, build upon your exercise regimen before you start to fill your refrigerator with premium health foods. When exercising, choose something that you enjoy, so that you will keep it up even when the going gets tough. Running, local sports with other adults, floor exercises - all these and many more are great ways to get in shape.

2) Involve Friends. People who try to exercise or lose weight are more successful when they involve their friends. Whether you’re meeting up with a buddy for a bike ride or getting together for a quick yoga session in front of a Youtube video, the social aspect of fitness cannot be overstated. When we involve other people in our fitness journey, their input, encouragement, and pressure can make us more successful than if we try to go it alone. It’s also free and fun!

3) Focus on Calories and Composition. You don’t have to shop at Whole Foods to eat healthy food, but you do have to be conscious about what you are putting into your body. Start measuring calories with a kitchen scale, and eating a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates. These don’t have to come from expensive sources. When you eat according to a good plan, your weight loss and fitness goals will be more certain.

Becoming more healthy doesn’t require that you buy into the product-based fitness models sold by the fitness industry. In fact, the best way to get fitter is to do it on your own, for free. So don’t wait until the money situation changes; get fit now!

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