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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that today I am doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, under the username PennilessFoodie! Anything you want to know about me, or anything you wanted to pick my brains about, that's where to do it! Just a reminder though- as I'm an anon blogger and don't give away my identity, location, or religion, if you do know any of those things about me, please keep them off your questions on reddit. Thanks, looking forward!

Here's the link to the reddit post. 

Penniless Parenting

Mommy, wife, writer, baker, chef, crafter, sewer, teacher, babysitter, cleaning lady, penny pincher, frugal gal


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  1. Interesting thread. You're very good with people whose motives are doubtful, and give them straight answers without rising to their bait. It's a skill!

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