Frugal dating: how to have a perfect date almost without money

My husband and I have been making an effort to go on more dates lately, and not just the twice a year type thing that we'd been doing until now. The thing is regular dates can be expensive and if you're trying to regularly go on dates, either the price tag can get pretty hefty, or you might decide to push off the dates because of the cost. If you can date without spending much money if at all, you'll hopefully get the benefits without the drawbacks. A friend from kindly shared with me some interesting ideas about frugal dating for everyone. These scenarios are suitable for first dates, anniversaries, and for married couples that look for ways of brighten their everyday life.

I’d like to start with one of the most common but extremely romantic idea. Choose any sunny day and wait until the sunset to catch a cloudless sky. Then ask your beloved one to stargaze. You can lay on the grass on the backyard or go to some other convenient place. Watching the night sky is a perfect situation for both interesting discussions and silence. Don’t forget to take a warm blanket and thermos with your favorite herbal tea.
I know it seems to be a bit ordinary date if you invite your boyfriend or girlfriend on a picnic. But still, this is a perfect occasion to demonstrate your creativity and attention. Prepare some tasty sandwiches, grab some home-made snack and refreshing drinks (plenty of recipes here on this blog). Do you play a guitar? Superb, take it too and create an incredible atmosphere for you both! Don’t know where to go? I bet there are many picturesque places you can visit. Even a local park would be perfect; just turn on your imagination and be positive.
Cooking dinner together
I won’t reveal a secret saying that eating out is too expensive. However, romantic dinner is immortal classics; 90% of dates include dining somewhere. So cooking a romantic dinner together is great frugal dating idea. You may ask your date for his or her food preferences in advance, or go shopping to grocery together, or you can make a surprise and strike your couple with extraordinary cooking skills. By the way, forget about food delivery service once and for all. Learn to cook yourself with blogs and videos in the internet.
Taking some classes
There is a variety of different classes providing temporary discounts. Clarify the dates and amount of the discount and go on, set a date! Some interesting ideas for couples are dancing, cooking, brewing, handiwork, playing instruments. Such date will unite you and will open new hidden talents.
Outdoor sports and activities
One of the most enjoyable, healthy, and money-saving date ideas is riding a bicycle together. You may spend such date almost like a picnic. For instance, it will be great to snack with fruits, sandwiches, and juice after a long tiring ride in your neighborhood or in a local wooded area. Other possible activities are skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, soccer, basketball and others. If you’re afraid your couple can’t do something of this list, then this date may be a good opportunity to teach each other. If you both keen on sport these are perfect dating options.

As you can see, these budget-friendly tips for dating are useful for making good impression and romantic situations. Make full use of your creative potential and even the most banal picnic may bring unforgettable romantic experience. It proves once again that frugal life may be bright and fulfilled with positive.

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