DIY Pallet Wine and Liquor Rack

I was so excited to share my husband's last pallet wood project with you... only... it no longer is his latest project! He's since built something even more awesome than this, but you'll have to wait for me to post about it, but let's just say I'm amazed by his skills and ability to transform simple wooden pallets into masterpieces.

So for now, I'm going to gush about this project of his- a pallet wine rack. Though I'll admit, we do store other things on there, not just wine. Like vodka, and whiskey, and other distilled beverages. I guess that makes it a wine and liquor rack. Why not? Yes, it only holds wine glasses, not glasses meant for other types of alcohol, but in our home we don't stand on ceremony, we'll drink anything from a wine glass.

This rack is currently hanging in between my kitchen and dining room area and I love how it looks!

I don't have a detailed DIY to show you about how my husband made this, but I did take some pictures from other angles to show you how he built it.

All the wood used for this was from pallets.

He used these squares from the pallet sides to make the ends of the wine and liquor rack. 

To hold the wine glasses, he screwed in short pieces of wood from pallets onto the bottom, some with notches in them to hold the stems of the wine glasses. He could have done it all with one long piece of wood with notches cut into all of them instead of separate pieces.

I love this new addition to my home. It makes me feel so classy to have this rack hanging there.

Mike said it was a pretty simple and fast project to make, so probably anyone handy can make one of these in no time at all.

I heart me some pallets.

And I really, really, really can't wait to show you his next pallet project. It knocks all his past pallet projects completely out of the water, I tell you. (And that was a slight hint. But not telling what it is. Though you can guess. It was on our to do list for a while.)

Do you know how to build things from wood? Have you ever built with pallet wood? What have you made from pallets? 
If you drink alcoholic drinks regularly, where do you store them? Do you have a rack for them? Would you appreciate and use a rack like this in your house?

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  1. Mike is very handy! To make them even better, have you thought of staining or painting them?

    I store my wine in the fridge ;)

  2. Well, its useful. But you know, wine is not meant to be stored in the bottles upright. It's OK to do that. But it IS better to store wine bottles on their sides angled neck down. See Good luck!! :-)

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