What To Look For In A Meal Delivery Service For A Natural Living Family

Sanity is important to me. When I started this blog, it was just about frugality at the expense of everyone else... because sometimes you have no choice. Gradually, as our financial situation improved and our life circumstances changed, I've mellowed out and don't necessarily live an extremely frugal lifestyle. Sometimes I do extremely frugal things, but I'm all for finding the right balance that allows you to be sane, as long as you can afford it. 
For some extremely busy people, eating out and/or buying takeout is what they need to maintain a healthy state of mind, but that can get very pricey and/or usually it involves a compromise on healthy eating. Meal delivery services work as a compromise between the two, delivering the necessary ingredients to your door along with specific instructions so that you can make healthy, homemade meals without too much effort.

If you are a natural minded family and want to get a meal delivery service, here are some factors you might want to consider before choosing which company you want to go with.  This post was brought to you by Sun Basket, a meal delivery service specifically designed for the natural living and environmentally conscious folk, and fits all the criteria listed below.

Organic and Non-GMO
As someone that lives a natural life, you’ll definitely want to avoid foods that are produced utilizing GMOs. Instead, you should consider opting for foods that are organically grown and produced. Unfortunately, the mass majority of meal delivery services do not care about your organic preferences. When using a company that offers organic and non-GMO produced foods, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of meal delivery, without eating unhealthy.

Properly Raised
If you’re not vegetarian, you’re going to want to feast on meat. Just any old meat isn’t going to cut it. You’ll want to make sure that the animals have been raised properly. All animals should have been grass fed and they should not have consumed any hormones or antibiotics. Check out home meal reviews and find a meal delivery service that ensures meat sources have been grass fed without any antibiotics or hormones.

Another thing to take into consideration is safety. What does the meal delivery service do to protect you and your family? Find a company that has developed tight-knit relationships with small growers, who take pride in their crops. This ensures that the foods you receive have been grown, produced, and handled with love, care and precision. With industrialized food production, you’d be far more likely to encounter contaminated food. If you want to keep your family safe and healthy, sticking with a company that uses small growers is a good idea.

Recyclable Boxes
Landfills are packed with waste that is producing thousands of tons of greenhouses gases, which are responsible for damaging the eco system. For a modern family with concerns about these harmful gases, you should only consider buying prepared foods from a business that offers recyclable boxes. These types of products do not produce greenhouses when they are disintegrating.

Plenty Of Food Options Available
Whether you are a diabetic or prefer a paleo diet, you will need to find a food delivery company that offers these types of foods. Today, many restaurants, grocery stores and food trucks are updating their menu with vegetarian, Mediterranean, Aktins and ketogenic diet. Make sure whichever meal delivery service you use offers the dietary options that are necessary for your family.

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