Book Swap Treasures!

Last night I went to a book swap with friends and made some new friends there too. I came home with so many books!

Yes, this many!

Total cost? 0.

I should mention that I love reading. And that the library system in my country is nothing like the library system with which I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. There it was free to join, and we had access to so many books, well catalougued, and what they didn't have they'd order with inter-library loans. 
Locally, even the local language's books are much more limited than how it was in my hometown, no interlibrary loans, and membership costs. Our closest library is open only a few hours a week and has just a smattering of English books.

So when I want books, I have to buy them, mooch them off friends, borrow them, trash pick them, etc... When I saw some English speaking locals planning a book swap in the nearest city, I decided that I'd be there, come hell or high water.

There's many different ways to make a book swap. Some people do it that you get credit for each book that you donate, and can take that many books back, and pay for any extra. Some people have a fee to come and then the books are free. 
This swap involved no money. People brought books, and they looked through what other people brought, and they took what appealed to them.

I'm lucky in that I'm really not a picky reader.

Ok, for non fiction, I am. It really has to be captivating for me to read non fiction.

For fiction though- as long as its not high fantasy (books like Lord of the Rings- but I do like that one) with really weird names that are hard to pronounce, that make me feel like the author is trying too hard to "be weird and cool", I'm there. 
And it can't be too boring, long and drawn out. No Moby Dick, thank you very much.
Ok, lastly I'm not really into "the classics". Not a fan of Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, Dickens, or things like that for the most part.
But beyond that, I'm good.
I'll take court room dramas, thrillers, action, some horror if its not too bad, chic lit, mysteries, dramas, historical fiction... I'm just hungry for books, so as long as the first page or two are captivating or interesting enough, that the blurb at the back of the book doesn't make me fall asleep, I'm game to try.
I mean, its not like I'm paying for these. Free, I'll try anything. And if I don't like it- I'll bring it to the next swap.
(There also is a bus stop book drop off "library" but its too far for me to get to on a regular basis, but if I really want I can go there for books.)

So, what did I get at this swap?
Far many more books than I brought. Because I was happy to take many of the books that the others passed over, since I'm really not picky when it comes to books...

Here's what I got.

Closer up:

and this

and these

and these...

Are you familiar with any of these books and/or authors? Any of them you read? Did you like them? Hate them? 
I haven't decided which one I'll start with- considering Legend though. Which would you start with?
Have you been to any book swaps ever? Or do you have a good library system, so no need for swaps?

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  1. I liked The Water is Wide. My mom is a big Pat Conroy fan, and I read most of his books growing up. I haven't read the others, but you'll have to update us if they're good :)

    1. Beach Music by Pat Conroy is my all time favorite book!

  2. I've read both Jennifer Weiner and Sophie Kinsella (under both of her names). What a great haul!

  3. looks so good!! enjoy, when you have some time to snatch away from real life, curl up on the couch and enjoy! rochel

  4. We have a new "Reading Station" in our neighborhood where people drop off and pick up books for free. And since I rarely read books twice, I'm happy to bring them back when I'm done and trade for others. I love it! I hardly ever pay (let alone full price) for books.

  5. The rabbi books are from me. I only read one of them, didnt love it. LMK what you think.

  6. Great swap! I'd start with Sue Grafton or Faye Kellerman both are great writers of murder mystery suspense. I've read both authors. The Magicians is now an American TV show, I love the show, never read the books, but the storyline is good. The rest I'm not familiar with, but it's good to see you'll get your fantasy fill. Great stress reliever. I read everyday, only now on my kindle, where I'm able to get free books daily. Enjoy!

  7. I am on our county's library board, and yes in the states the library system is excellent (I reside in Michigan). I love Sue Grafton's books (she does the alphabet murders). I see you have "Q is for Quarry".


  8. I like Sue Grafton (who died two days ago btw), Faye Kellerman and Sophie Kinsella. You did so well!
    Check out Bookbub. You can get free online books there every day. I have read some on my tablet as I don’t have a kindle. But the supply of free books seems to be endless.

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