Gifted Some Great Groceries!

A friend of mine is moving far away in a very short while. This friend's family eats largely gluten free, and much our diet is similar to theirs- leaning towards healthy eating, processed food free, but not 100% perfect eating. As they were going through their cupboard, they offered me a whole bunch of their groceries that they wouldn't finish before they left, and I came home with a veritable treasure of groceries and my family and I are really excited.

This is what I got...

If I added up how much this stuff is worth, it's at least a few hundred dollars worth, if not more. Especially since much of it is imported expensive items that I rarely buy because of the price.

Here's what it is.

A whole bunch of packages of gluten free pasta. Most of them are Tinkiyada rice pasta, hands down the best tasting gluten free pasta brand in existence. It's stuff that I never buy because of the price, so it is a huge treat to be getting so many packages of it.
There are a few other brands of gluten free pasta as well, including some Trader Joe's brown rice pasta, and Sam Mill's corn pasta, some cellophane noodles, and some potato starch based noodles. A few packages of the pasta have been open but most haven't been. And even open packages I don't mind. Especially not when it comes to a treat like Tinkiyada....

I also got a large amount of gluten free bread crumbs, panko crumbs, and corn flake crumbs. I'll have to figure out what I want to do with these, as there's only so much shnitzel I want to be making.

I got some coconut flour, xanthan gum, and potato starch, all really useful for gluten free baking. Coconut flour doesn't agree with me, but I'd love to make things for my kids to enjoy using coconut flour.

In the health food related items, I got an entire bottle of olive oil, an entire large jar of organic coconut oil, a jar of spirulina, a jar of honey, a bottle of agave nectar, half a bottle of sesame oil, and half a jar of walnut butter.

I got a package of nori seaweed for making sushi, as well as entire bottle of gluten free soy sauce.

Also got a few cans of tuna and pure fruit (no sweetener added) jam.

On the less healthy side, I got an entire gigantic jar of Kirkland mayonnaise, a whole bunch of different types of sprinkles, a giant bag of chocolate chips, caramel chips, 2 containers of marshmallow fluff, cherry pie filling, instant vanilla pudding, a few bottles of vanilla extract, and some microwave popcorn.

Last but not least, I got some oatmeal for my gluten eating husband and oldest son to eat, as well as whole wheat flour for me to use to make them bread.

I didn't add up exactly how much all this was worth, but I know it's an awful lot, and I'm really grateful to have been gifted all this, especially since most of it is things I don't generally buy because of the cost.

I'm really excited about all these!

I'm sad to see my friend go, but at least I got these great stuff!

When you move, what do you generally do with all the food left when moving day comes? Do you generally ship it with you, give it away, toss it, or do you somehow manage to not have any left by the time you move?

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing. We rarely move far so I just toss the expired, give away the unwanted and pack up the rest on the rare occasion we do move.

  2. How sweet of your friend! What a blessing!

    In the past when I have moved, I would try and use up everything prior to moving, and usually would only have a small cooler and maybe a grocery bag or two. If I were to move now, I would have an entire deep freeze. Because of the cost of meat, and our meat being home raised, I would take it with me. If I was moving overseas I would just gift it to family. There are also lots of food banks here (Oklahoma) that are always happy to take donations.

  3. People aren't always as appreciative as you are. One time, we left on vacation and I gave someone milk that we hadn't used up. They later said that they had given it to their dog. If I had known they were going to do that, I would have given it to our dog.

  4. What a great gift. Thank-fully we don't move often. The last moves have been in town so I did try to eat up stuff ahead of time and then we moved the rest.

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