Really Excited About My New Purchase!

I don't have time for a whole long post now, but I just wanted to share my excitement with you guys! Look what I got!!!
It's basically the Chinese equivalent of the Vitamix blender. I've wanted a high quality strong blender for a really long time. Ever since our last cheapo blender broke. But I couldn't justify the expense. If you think Vitamixes are expensive where you live... they cost upward of $1000 locally....
But I really wanted a good blender that wouldn't die, would be powerful enough to make smoothies with frozen fruit without needing to push it down every five seconds, that would be great at pulverizing things, etc....

Anyhow, this Biolomix blender has really awesome reviews, everyone who has it is happy with it pretty much...

And like the Vitamix, it has a dry container that you can use to grind grains. I paid a little extra money to get that as well, but it hasn't arrived yet from China. Even though I already have a grain grinder, if I could get my blender to work as a grinder, it would help with certain aspects that frustrate me with my current grain grinder.

No, I haven't used this, I'm just so excited that I am sharing a pic with you before I use it. I did turn on the machine just to feel how powerful it is, and oh boy, it is....

Here's the link to where I purchased it from. When I bought it, it was $108.81 for the two jars, the base, and the stick, and that included DHL shipping to where I live. The prices may have changed a drop, but it's still incredibly cheap for something this powerful.

I hope it has a long, long life.

Anyone else have a really good blender they love? What company? How much did you pay for it? What is your favorite thing to do with your blender?

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  1. That's fantastic! I have a Vitamix (saved for over a few years) and love it, also have the dry container for grinding grain. Really useful for breaking corn down enough to put through the grain grinder. Also spices.

    Bet you don't regret it, what a great price for a high quality blender. I use my Vitamix every day...found an old blender cookbook from the 50s which gave me ideas. And it's easy to clean.

  2. Please post an update once you've used the machine and can give a better review!

  3. I treated myself to a "Ninja" blender recently (about $300 USD). I wouldn't use a grain grinder personally (just being practical), so that wasn't an issue. But I did include a "spiralizer" and I've been having fun with veggie noodles. My go-to comfort food is soup, followed by anything that looks like pasta or rice, plus tomatoes. Veggie noodles fit quite well in both... besides, they make me giggle when I eat them! My favorite is carrots and zucchini squash mixed together --- the perfect blend of sweet and savory veggies... yummmm!

  4. Good for you! I hope it lives up to your expectations. Please do a follow up in a few months as I haven't invested in anything more than a cheapo $25 blender. I did find a steal on a wanna-be smoothie blender for $10 but I am still having to push the frozen fruit down & adding more water. Enjoy your new purchase.

  5. Hi -
    Like your blender and container demo. It looked like the dry container needed a different rubber support pad. So the container base dimensions are different, but the drive couplings are the same, true?
    What if I wanted to blend smallish liquid amounts in the "dry" container; just do it? Or could I swap out the dry blade, and put in a wet one?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Following up my own post, after getting a Nutrimax blender of my own from Aliexpress (1 week from Shenzen to Chicago, amazing):
      Yes, the drive couplings are the same, wet (64oz) and dry (32oz) containers. The blade and locknut dimensions are identical on both devices. Yes, you can swap out the blades, wet for dry, and it works just fine.

  6. Hi-
    Have you tried using the dry goods container to blend smaller liquid amounts?
    How about the blade sizes of the two containers; same? Different? I am thinking, why not swap blades to blend small batches.

  7. I'd love a follow up on your purchase. I have for over 10 years wanted a really good blender as such. I've been afraid to pull the trigger on these and definitely not been able to afford the vitamix.

  8. Are you still happy about it ?
    I am almost ready to buy one...

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