3 Tips to Plan a Small Wedding on a Budget

My good friend just married off her daughter, who likes to do things very frugally and low key, so their wedding was that style. When I got married, my husband and I chose to tone down our wedding and keep the extra money to start our new life together. Here's a tip from a reader named Helen, about how to small a small budget wedding.

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Many of us need to plan a small, frugal wedding on a budget. Weddings are incredibly expensive these days and the average wedding in the United States costs anywhere from $25,000-$30,000. For many people, those amounts are just too much to spend on a single event, even though their wedding day is incredibly important to them.

To help cut down on costs, most couples realize that it’s better to have a smaller wedding to stick within their budget. As you know, bridesmaid dresses & bridesmaid gowns (by Azazie) certainly cost a pretty penny along with other expenses. So it’s best to keep your costs low by having a smaller wedding while splurging for the important things as long as it fits within your budgetary requirements.

With that in mind, we’ll now take a look at some of the best tips to help you plan a small wedding on a budget. Please use this information to your advantage so you can have your dream wedding without spending a fortune to pay for it.

Tip #1: Put Your Creativity to the Test

Some people would prefer to cut down on wedding expenses by using their creativity to lower their costs. As an example, it’s possible to make your own wedding invitations instead of buying them from expensive printers.

If you have a decent quality printer at your house, you can buy blank invitations from Staples or your favorite online retailer. Design the wedding invitations online with simple text and a classic font, and then print them out yourself. This will definitely lower your invitation costs by a wide margin, and you can use this additional money to pay for other wedding expenses that you can’t avoid by using your creativity.

Another excellent option is to create your own candy buffet and display. Not only will this help decorate your wedding venue, it also doubles as an enticing sugary snack for your wedding guests to enjoy. So go online and buy low cost tasty treats from a bulk candy store (online candy shop SweetServices.com) and use it to create a gorgeous candy display that will really breathe life into your wedding reception hall and make the kids in attendance truly happy.

Tip #2: Decorate Your Wedding with Minimal Flowers

Some happy couples have a tendency to go overboard with flowers. While this is certainly attractive and definitely appealing, it’s also completely unnecessary since it’s a huge expense and your flowers are going to die not long after the wedding reception is through.

As an example, instead of getting each bridesmaid her own bouquet of flowers, just give each of them a single rose. As far as the bride is concerned, she does not need to have this extravagantly large flower bouquet. Choose a small bouquet instead and cut down on your flower expenses by a wide margin.

Tip #3: Pay for the Alcohol Yourself

Every wedding reception needs plenty of alcohol, right? But that doesn’t mean you have to use the alcohol available at the reception hall. On the contrary, you can definitely cut costs by bringing your own alcohol instead. This is a great way to save big money and still have an exceptional wedding with lots of alcohol for your guests.

Or if you prefer, don’t have an open bar at your wedding. Give a free cocktail hour to your guests and then make it a cash bar after the hour is over. This will cut down on expenses and help you recoup some of the money for your alcohol expenditures.


As you can see, it’s certainly possible to have a small wedding on a budget. Use the tips and guidelines we’ve shared today, choose the ideal catering hall, and you can have an outstanding wedding at rock bottom prices.

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