Friday, March 16, 2018

Five Ideas For Homemade Art To Brighten Your Home

I lived for a few years in a really tiny space, without any room for pretty much anything. We had little wall space, and most of the wall space that there was was filled with storage, not beautifying things. It really bothered me a lot, and at some point I decided that small space or not, I wanted my home to be beautiful, and I would do what I could to decorate my home on a budget. I hope you like this post by a reader with some ideas of how to beautify your home without breaking the bank.

Decorating your house with pieces of art can be an expensive task. Whether it be a painting, a huge canvas photo or fabric hanging from your walls, brightening up the rooms of your house can often cost more than the redecoration process did in the first place.
That is where homemade art can come in. There are so many ways in which you can take everyday items or even items that you no longer have any use for and turn them into cheap but classy pieces of art that can brighten up your home and impress any visitors.
Here are five ideas for homemade art to brighten up your home.

Create a photo collage
With the majority of smartphones containing high-quality digital cameras, we’re able to photograph our lives like never before – but what do you do with all those photos once you have them? Upload them so that they are viewable by Instagram’s 800 million worldwide users? Or just leave them on your phone or computer to never be seen again? What you could do is use a photo collage maker. A photo collage is a cheap and easy way to display your photos and create a unique, family-based piece of art at the same time. Just print out all the photos you want, stick them on a piece of cork board and put it up on a wall.

Frame a wallpaper or fabric sample
Wallpaper and fabric samples cost nothing to acquire, and they can very simply be turned into pieces of art. Simple grab a number of different samples from a shop and stick them in a cheap photo frame. All of a sudden you have little bits of quirky art that are ready to brighten up your walls.

Turn an old window into a photo frame
One person’s rubbish is another person’s art. Wooden window frames that are being thrown away can easily be recommissioned as photo frames. Simply print out the photos you want to display, cut them to the correct size and stick them inside the frame. It’s a great way of creating a different type of photo collage to your standard one.

Create a magnetic Scrabble board
Pick up a cheap piece of magnetic metal and a set of Scrabble. Magnetize the Scrabble tiles so they can stick to the metal which you’ll have attached to your wall and all of a sudden, you have an ongoing Scrabble game that doubles up as an educational piece of art. Encourage your family and friends to create words anytime they are around your home – just remember to have a Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary close to hand for any contentious entries!

Make shelving out of old pallets
Pallets have become a very popular feature in people’s homes. They are now being reused and renovated, to be used as shelving. This quirky take on a wooden fixture that would otherwise have no purpose is a fun, inventive and cost-effective way to brighten up a space with some storage that is both useful and aesthetic. Soon you will have a homemade shelf that will be able to support and display lightweight items such as plants, pottery, and books.

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