Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How to Embrace Minimalism

When you live in a small home, like my last one at 484 square feet, or my current larger but still small one of 925 square feet, especially with a family of six like I do, you have to be minimalistic, because there's only so much room to store things in your house. In general, being minimalistic is good for your budget- I hope you enjoy these tips from a reader about how to embrace minimalism.

Minimalism is another excellent alternative for budgeting. It means getting rid of the things or lifestyle activities that are not necessary for you. Also, a lot of people have reported succeeding in fulfilling their life's goals through minimalism. Some of the areas that people practice minimalism are in clothing, food and so on. It may be uncomfortable for the first time but once you master the way of leading a simple life everything will fall into place with no time.

Here's some tips on how to embrace minimalism.

Buy the Things You Need
Have you ever heard of the saying that goes; “buy only what you need and not what you want”? Well, there are plenty of temptations when it comes to shopping; people go overboard buying things they will not even wear in future as they had anticipated. Don't impulse buy- only buy what you need in your house or even closet. Go through all the items that you have in the house and point out what you like and what you barely use. With clothing, list your favorite outfits and the ones you have never worn since buying. This way you can pinpoint what gets worn and what doesn't, and avoid buying things that won't.

Know What You Don’t Need
If you don’t have enough space in your house, instead of moving to a larger place, building an addition, or otherwise buying more closets, etc... by decluttering you can free up room. Appliances that aren't used can be sold to make a profit or donated, and at the same time, free up space.

Declutter Your Workplace
You very likely have items that you don't need on your desk, cluttering the working area. Decluttering your desk from all those old papers, broken pens, and other odds and ends can give you a clear work space which is more conducive to thinking and working and less distracting.

Use the Internet
If you are living a minimalistic life you might want to also downsize to a smaller place, now that you don't need so much space to store all your things. Sites like can help you find such places without needing to pay for a real estate agent.

Borrow Where Necessary
There are some things that you can borrow instead of buying especially if you are sure you will not need these items anymore. For example, if you are attending a party that requires you to wear a particular trend of a gown that you may not need in future, consider borrowing the dress from designers who are often willing to lend their gown for these purposes as a way of creating brand awareness. Alternatively, friends may have items you need temporarily, so consider borrowing and returning instead of buying and having it remain in your house.

The above are some of the best ways that you can minimize and have a comfortable and secure way of living. Make sure the kind of the methods that you choose are favorable to you and are easy to adjust to.

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