Check Out Shopkick- Make Money While Grocery Shopping

Some frugal people do extreme challenges, where they literally do not buy anything, ever. They just barter, make things from scratch, dumpster dive, etc. But for most other frugal people, even though we are trying to save money, spending money is an inevitability. Wouldn't it be nice, then, if while we're spending money on the things we would be buying anyhow, we could get money back?

Shopkick is revolutionizing how people shop, by giving them kicks, or points, for the things they are anyhow buying. You get kicks for checking into stores, scanning specific products, and buying stuff either offline or online. You do this via their app that works either on Android or iOS.

Once you have enough kicks, you can trade them in for a variety of different types of gift cards, from Amazon to Walmart, Target and many others.

Yes, it is legitimate. So far $64 million in gift cards have been given out to date. Why not save money on groceries, learn about cool new products, and have fun shopping? If you're going to be spending the money anyhow, you might as well be betting something back from it?

You can also get kicks by watching some videos online.

Just a note- you don't get points for every item you buy; there are specific types of items that will give you kicks, but by check them out you might learn about new products that you will love, or you might already be buying those items, so why not get money back for it?

To find out more about Shopkick and download it, check out this website.

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