Foraging, Foraging, Foraging...

I've been a super busy lady the past few days! It's now spring break where I live and that means everyone is on vacation and looking for things to do with their family, which means that I, the one who has fun teaching people on their vacations, have been super busy teaching class after class about foraging.

Yesterday I had a foraging class in the town where my sister lives, and after that had a BBQ with my siblings and mom at my sister's house.

Today I taught a private foraging and cooking class in the morning for a group of cousins looking for a family get together, and though they're not adventurous eaters, they all loved learning how to make cheese and then enjoyed the Indian curry we made and the salad.

After that, I had a break for about an hour, then taught another foraging class, this time to a large group, where we learned about a variety of edible wild plants and how to use them. After that, we had a picnic with my husband's family in the forest where I taught the foraging classes.

Tomorrow, I have yet another foraging class in another city, and I'm looking forward!

And then, we have relatives pushing us to go camping at a free beach. I still don't know if we'll end up going camping... however, suffice it to say that I'm exhausted but having a great time!

Have you done any foraging lately? Do your kids have spring break soon or now, or did they have it already? Are you doing anything fun for spring break? What is it?

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  1. We do forage as much as we can. I have been eyeing off some dandelion leaves, in a patch, for some time now.

    1. What a good reminder to get those dandelion leaves, Franny and Danny! And a timely article! Thanks!

  2. I haven't done any foraging lately, but I hope we can when the weather starts to improve. Last year I foraged blackberries, blueberries, arbutus fruit, rose hips, lemon balm, and sumac. I would love to take a foraging class and am keeping my eyes open for one.

  3. I have never done foraging - although I admire you, I don't think I would trust myself to pick edible things.

  4. I haven't foraged lately, though I would like to get back into it. I have had a hankering for sumac "lemonade" lately, though where I live, it's a late summer plant. The weather where I live has been inconsistent. Spring break in my school district was last week, though since I'm an adult without children who isn't currently in university, spring break is kind of irrelevant for me. Though, some of my high school and university coworkers picked up shifts at work for extra money.

  5. I do actions in the fall. I live in the San Francisco Bay area, and we have so many oaks I could probably charge people to let me pick food up off their driveways! The processing resulted for acorns is intensive, but i think it's worthwhile.

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