Thursday, April 12, 2018

Video and Review of My Biolomix Blender and Dry Jar

I've written a few times already about my brand new high powered blender, the Biolomix blender that came with a dry jar, to be used as a grinder, and is much cheaper than the name brand equivalent- the Vitamix.

Many people have been skeptical about buying something like this that is from China, questioning whether you can trust the electronics, etc... So here I'll give my full 100% honest opinion of it, no holds barred. Keep in mind I make nothing from anyone buying this, no commission, didn't get this free or anything, so it's not biased at all. (While I would love to get a kickback from sales of this, Aliexpress has an affiliate program but it doesn't cover this blender, unfortunately.)
I just like to help you save money and get good deals.

So first, I want to say that it was a pleasure working with the seller; I got my order very quickly.

Secondly, I don't live in the US; my plugs and voltage of my electricity are quite different than that in the US, and I really like that Aliexpress gives you the option of choosing what type of plug to order, what voltage, etc... so I don't need to use a converter or transformer for this like I do for the rest of my heavy duty appliances, which makes using it a breeze (not to mention cheaper, because if I didn't have a transformer, I'd have to buy one if it ran on American electricity, and transformers are really expensive).

Thirdly, I like that there are many options when it comes to ordering it- you can choose the color, you can get just the blender, you can get an extra blender jar, you can get an extra blade and socket, you can get a dry jar, etc... I ordered a dry jar, which is meant to be used for grinding grains to make flour.

Here's a video on my renewed Youtube channel (please subscribe, my son Lee and I would be thrilled if we can reach the 1000 subscribers mark), where I unbox my Biolomix dry jar (it came in the mail separately from the base and regular jar) and try it out for the first time. Thanks to Lee for doing the recording of the video (I ordered a tripod, so hopefully future videos will be less shaky).

So I want to add on to what is shown in the video.
1) Remember not to use your tamper in the dry jar!!! It isn't meant to go there and will ruin your tamper.
2) While I ground things in my dry jar in the video, upon finishing the video and taking a closer look at the flours, I put them back in the dry jar and ground them again for longer, and got a finer flour, more similar to what I generally use. It still isn't as fine as with my Blendtec kitchen mill for things like rice, but for flax seed and buckwheat it is equivalent. That doesn't mean that you can't use this for rice flour- I used the rice flour that I made in this dry jar in my standard recipes and it worked well.
So the downside of being slightly more coarse is overshadowed by the fact that this is just so much easier to use than my kitchen mill, doesn't make a mess, doesn't require my transformer, etc...

That's about it, I guess, about the dry jar.

As for the regular jar, and the machine itself:
1) I love that the blender jar's blade is able to be unscrewed and screwed back in. This means that if the blade eventually dulls, you can replace that without needing to replace the machine (and they sell just the blade on Aliexpress). It also means that if you make something that's really fibrous and it gets wound around the blade (like when I tried blending up unchopped fennel) you can unscrew the blade, clean it out, and put it back in. Just remember to tighten it all the way when doing that so you doing have any leaks. They sell an opener to use to open the base- there are two holes that have to be twisted around- but I use a stainless steel straw stuck in the hole to open it up, no special opener for me. I also love that they send a replacement gasket. They want this machine to last you for a long time, so their selling replacement parts shows how quality it is, that they replace individual parts instead of the whole thing.
2) It's really easy to clean; I just generally put in soap and water and let it go, and it cleans very well.
3) I tried making nut butter in here- it didn't work. I still need my food processor for some things, especially things that aren't liquidy or totally dry. Maybe I can make my nut butter in the dry jar, but I'm nervous to try it, because I don't want to gum it up.
4) Something that bothers me a little bit about this machine is that the blender jar just sits on top of the machine; there's nothing locking it or latching it in place. This means that if someone accidentally bumps into it, they can knock the jar off/out of alignment and maybe the gears can get ruined? I don't know. All I'm saying is that the machine can run without needing to have anything locked in place.
5) Just note that the tamper is great and useful, and you should definitely use it when making things like smoothies, but only use the tamper when the blender cover is on. The tamper will get broken otherwise. Trust me, from experience. It is only meant to be used with the cover on, because then it hits exactly in the middle where the blades are not.
6) Another negative, that doesn't bother me so much, but is worth noting- I sometimes smell something funky coming from the machine when it's running. It's not significant or anything that would stop me recommending the machine, but it's just something I wanted to point out for honesty's sake.

All in all, I definitely think this blender was worth the price I paid. Locally a Vitamix costs over 1000 dollars; this seems to be the same power and equivalent of a Vitamix at literally 1/10th the cost. I highly, highly recommend the Biolomix blender!

Any other questions about my blender? Do you have a blender? A powerful one or a regular one? What kind and how much did you pay for it? Have you considered getting a high powered blender, and if so, does this look like something you'd buy?


  1. - I just borrowed a book about raw food and it says that cheapie chinese high speed blenders don't last... I wonder what that mean... (I am okay if it lasts me a few years instead of a few decades).
    - You speak very fast in the video. You may be watched by people who are not native speakers. Please slow down a bit ! :P

  2. Do you really need the extra dry jar for blending grains and/or nuts ? What is the difference with the standard jar ?

  3. Hi there.
    We are considering buying ourselves a blender for smoothies, and were debating between this blender, and a ninja.
    i was wondering if you tried both?
    i like the idea of the ninja just because its so much more well known and im assuming the quality control is higher. and pssibly easier to use and clean.

  4. Can you make got soup like Vitamix? Did you ever try non butter again with dry jar?

  5. The quick removal of the cup is useful and feels made for professionals. I like that there aren't any strict safety features, such as switches in the lid. It needs to be held down while operated. I stripped the gear once when the cup swayed while starting a heavy load. Now it is a bit rough. There is only a narrow band of metal in the female coupling, with plastic below it.

    Be mindful of the distance to the blades while tampering, and load enough to have a layer over the blades. Too often we rely on objects being designed foolproof and that the manufacturer is responsible.


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