How Using Technology Can Save You Money

Some people eschew tech, and claim that it saves them money. My view is that as long as you use tech correctly, there are so many ways you can use it to save money. Here's a few ideas from a reader.

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Saving money where we can is always a good idea. Somehow, though, many of us have trouble sticking to the habit, which means payday can sometimes feel like an eternity away. What can we do to make those pennies last a little bit longer? Without changing our lifestyle too much, how can we learn to put aside a little bit each month for a rainy day - a holiday, a weekend away, that special birthday present for the special person in your life?

Below is a list of money-saving ideas. By following our tips you’ll still be able to enjoy the same things, but at a fraction of what you usually pay. Sound too good to be true? It's really not - it just requires a bit of thought and preparation. You will have to change the way you do things a little, but the fun you'll get from seeing those pennies grow into pounds in no time at all will make it all worthwhile.

The one thing that connects all these ideas is the use of the sort of technology we have in the palm of our hands. A smartphone can save you thousands of pounds if you use it properly, and most of the time you won't even need to leave your house. Life has never been so easy…

Shopping online

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Surely this is something we all do anyway? Yes, but do we do all our shopping online, without getting on the bus, or calling a cab or driving to the supermarket? Ordering your food shopping online reduces the chances of impulse buying. You’ll save money by not being tempted to pick up the things that you don't need – which means no trip down the sweets aisle, or picking up the Reduced yellow labels when you’re feeling a bit peckish. Away from food shopping, there are some almost unbelievable bargains to be found online. Retailers without a high street presence all have stock to clear. For a lot of them it’s cheaper to sell the goods off at no margin at all than it is to dispose of them any other way. Check out the 'Clearance' tabs - you never know what bargains you'll find, as retailers try to make space in their warehouses for new stock.

Likewise, the supermarket war has moved online, causing retailers to offer their semi-regular customers more and more specials to try and secure their regular business.
If keeping track of all their prices is too time-consuming for you, download a supermarket comparison app to find out which supermarket is going to save you most money on any given day, with any given shopping basket. These apps watch all the prices on a daily basis, and can be an enormous help if you're trying to save money.

Visit an online casino

Everyone likes a flutter, and the occasional visit to the casino can be a very expensive night out. It's not just the cost of dressing up to fit the dress code, but then there's the cab fares, the drinks and whatever else an evening out will entail. On top of this, casinos are built and designed to keep you gambling. It’s no accident that you’ll never find windows or clocks in a casino – it’s to prevent you from realising how much time has passed.

In any case, these days you can play your favourite games from the comfort of your own home by playing in online casinos. While online casinos used to be good for getting your practice in ahead of a trip to a land-based casino, they’re now a solid option in their own right.

As well as providing you with the chance to play wherever you are, whenever you want, and from whichever device you prefer, online casinos also replicate the real-life casino experience better than ever before. They do this through their live casinos, which use innovative video and audio technology to connect dealers with players via live streaming. It makes the experience more realistic and immersive than ever before. You’ll get all the buzz of the Baccarat, blackjack and roulette tables without leaving your home at one of the most popular live casino websites on the market.

Get your entertainment at home

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Everyone loves the cinema, and the lure of the big screen can be too much to resist now and then. But can anyone really admit to being comfortable in a stuffy cinema seat that someone else has sat in only minutes before you park your behind? Do you really enjoy paying through the nose for food that you don't want, which will only get spilled down your clothes in the darkened auditorium?

Why not cuddle up on your sofa with your best friend and watch the film at home by downloading Netflix or Amazon Prime. TVs don't have the tiny little screens they used to, and modern sound systems can give a truly cinematic experience.

The costs are dramatically lower at home too – your monthly subscription service can be half the price of one ticket!

Eat in rather than out

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So you've decided that you'll forgo the expensive night out at the cinema and go to a restaurant instead? Of course you won't. To save the maximum amount of money, you'll watch your film at home and order takeaway through an app at the same time. No cooking, much less washing up and food at your front door. Not only cheaper than a night in a noisy pizzeria – but much less hassle, too.

Saving money is always hard, but by being clever with technology, you should be able to save more money towards those things you really want. From shopping to entertainment, the online world provides not only a greater choice, but usually comes with better service - and at a much lower cost.

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