Sunday, August 12, 2018

8 Tips to Keep Fit Post Partum

Having a part time with your postpartum body? Here's some tips from a reader on how to keep fit post partum.

Pregnancy is very challenging. But the period following delivery is even more intense. Our body needs time to recover from the changes it went through in nine months. It is absolutely necessary to be very gentle with your body for at least six weeks postpartum. It might take even longer if you had a C-section.

Any fitness routine should not be taken into practice until and unless approved by a gynecologist. Every individual is unique and different. So don’t just adopt another person’s lifestyle just because it worked for them. With time you will understand the pace of your own recovery.

This article was drafted by our team for women who are keen to go back in shape after delivery. Every woman wants to shed those extra pounds that they put on during pregnancy. While I agree with the fact that you should give your body at least nine months to go back in shape, I don’t think there is any need to put off your fitness routine while nursing the baby or after the suggested recovery period.
So let’s find out the lifestyle to adopt for keeping fit postpartum!

1) Don’t take too long to Bounce Off

The suggested period of recovery is enough to rest, restore and strike back. It does not mean that you cannot push yourself to be active before the prescribed 6-week-time. I had a C-section, and I was out and about by the third week. I have friends who either took three months or merely just two weeks to bounce off.

As suggested above, you need to find your own pace. Even then, willpower is everything. Remember that pregnancy is a blessing and postpartum is a period to rejoice your new life with the little one. The earlier you start walking, moving around and doing your tasks by yourself, the easier it would be to get fit sooner.

2) Balance is the Key

Don’t lose yourself in the stress of going back into shape. Aim to strike a balance between your thoughts. We get all kinds of crappy ideas with the hormones and mood swings fluctuating, it is important to train your mind to think positive and gentle thoughts. Keep realistic goals about losing weight.

3) Seek Support

Parenting can be overwhelming sometimes. Don’t try to be a super mom and do everything by yourself. It will only tire you out. When someone offers help; accept it. Moreover, don’t be shy to ask for help from a friend or family. Even having a half an hour to daily can do wonders. You can take the evening off by dropping your baby to your sister’s house.

For breastfeeding mothers’ pump your milk with a breast pump, preferably battery operated because that is easy to use. Leave the bottle with your husband or caretaker to feed the baby when hungry. Use this time wisely to catch up on sleep, take a relaxing bath, go out for a walk or spend time doing some relaxing yoga. You will not only burn some calories but also feel fresh afterward.
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4) Your Life is Not Over

This is some major breakthrough for first-time parents; your life is not over. You will get back to your old shape. You will get back to going out on dates, wearing the perfect black dress and hanging out with friends. I started my fitness routine somewhere in the third month after my delivery. I will explain my basic fitness mantras later in this article. For starters, you just need to remember that this time too shall pass.

5) It's All Hormones

When you feel like bursting into tears or fighting with your husband for no apparent reason. Know that it is all thanks to your raging hormones. Don’t stress about those negative thoughts too; it’s not you, again . . . just your hormones.

6) Health is Wealth

Trust me, health is everything. Don’t forget taking your multivitamins on time and following the postpartum prescriptions suggested by the doctor. Don’t hurry into fad diets that ruin metabolism. Try simple low impact workouts for maximum benefits.

7) Mindful Eating

Learn more about mindful eating and count your calories in a calorie counter app. This way, you will know how many calories you are eating per day.

8) Revised Fitness Routine

My fitness routine included the following basic things that helped me tone down my body within five months postpartum. I haven’t reached my ideal weight but I’m definitely working towards it.

Thou shall drink 3 liters of water per day.
Thou shall stay away from sweets, desserts, and chocolates.
Thou shall not indulge in processed food like chips, biscuits, and cakes.
Thou shall walk daily, practice yoga and meditation.

Remember girls, consistency is key. Keep practicing a disciplined and balanced lifestyle to remain fit postpartum.

I will end this article with the last and most important commandment of all:

Thou shall be a happy soul!

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