Family Vacations On A Budget: Useful Tips That Can Help You Keep The Cost Down

My family is currently on a frugal family vacation. What better time to share this post from a Jenny Johnson on how to vacation on a budget?

Family vacations can come with a pretty hefty price tag attached. Individuals spend approximately 10 percent of their income on vacations and more specifically, a family of four can spend between 8-9 percent of their overall income satisfying their family travel goals each year. For each additional family member there are additional flights, accommodation and spending allowances to account for and not to mention, kid friendly activities to fund. With this in mind, those looking to frugally maintain their families can easily think that family vacations are far out of their reach. However, taking a family vacation on a budget is not impossible. Check out these hacks to help you when planning and enjoying your family holidays; all without breaking the bank.

Time Your Bookings

A great secret to getting the best prices when traveling: knowing the peak travel seasons. By getting to know the seasons and peak travel times for your desired destination are in high demand. This is because, specifically due to the higher than normal demand, prices for many amenities ranging from accommodation to even food prices are heightened. For some people this means traveling when kids are in school, which presents an issue for parents. This is where short breaks and comparison watching comes in handy.

Locally, the peak travel season typically falls in the autumn or spring as travelers take advantage of cooler temperatures. For tropical regions, they experience their highest travel volume in the periods mid December and April. Meanwhile, in North America summer and late spring see families flocking to enjoy school summer holidays and favorable temperatures.

Do Your Research - And Note The Patterns

Thanks to the internet and multiple travel comparison websites, researching affordable holidays for your family has never been easier. Check out airline specials and take note of when they are offered. Match these against your destination wishlist and any hotel offers to shave even more money off your vacation. While advance bookings can have its advantages, last minute bookings can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars on your flights or accommodation. By taking note of these patterns, you can then plan your family’s vacation around it.

Get familiar with various money off or discount travel websites that often offer all inclusive and kid-friendly deals to various vacations spots. A rising number of travelers are opting for all inclusive holidays, to remove the hassle of booking separately and with the belief that it may be cheaper. The debate surrounding the value per dollar on inclusive packages continues so it is a good idea to have a look around at the activities and restaurants in your destination and compare the cost to opting for a packaged holiday.

Travel Smart

Simple tricks such as traveling overnight can save you money on hotel costs. If you are traveling with kids, consider the suitability of self contained accommodation as they tend to be family friendly and also saves you money on food. It is cheaper to buy food in the stores than to eat out in restaurants every night since you skip the service charge. It can also be more convenient for those families traveling with younger kids or babies.

Finally, take advantage of those bonus offers that come with your credit cards, store accounts and insurance. Often they offer loyalty points and airmiles to their customers. Using these to pay for flights, accommodation or even essential vacation shopping further reduces your vacation spend.

For most families, the idea of a family vacation can seem incredibly appealing but financially daunting. However, there is no reason you and your family cannot afford a frugal vacation. With a few handy tricks, you and your loved ones can be on your way to making wonderful memories, all on a budget.

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