Good Snacks When Relaxing in the Bathtub

I love long relaxing baths. Here's some ideas from a reader for what snacks work well in the bath. My contribution to this post is cheese and wine. They're my favorite to enjoy while relaxing in the tub.

There is nothing in the world that relaxes the body and mind than having a warm or hot bath after a long and hectic day at work. Having your dip in the tub is even more relaxing since it allows you to calm and you can take your time since you are comfortable. But, have you ever thought of having something else to keep you busy while you take your bath, a snack or a drink maybe? Treating your body to a hot tub is incredible, but you can make it even more fun by having the following snacks as you bath.

Best snacks to have while relaxing in the bathtub

• Fruits or vegetables.

These nutritious foods are best for snacking while in the tub because they are comfortable to eat in the water and are healthy as well. If you don’t feel like having your meals after your bath, get a plate of sliced fruits or vegetables to munch as you rest in your bathtub. Choose fruits which are comfortable to hold such as grapes, blueberries and if you want to mix a variety of fruits, ensure to slice the large ones into smaller cubes for comfortable holding.

• Cheese and crackers.

These are other snacks that you can enjoy while bathing. First off, they are comfortable to hold with wet hands, and they do not need any cutlery. Besides they can fit comfortably in a bowl such that you can hold them while still in the water. There are some bathtubs which are designed with an extended top area that can securely hold a medium-sized bowl. Check out such bathtubs from Showersly or other review sites and choose a model that will fit your bathing needs, and provide you with excellent storage space to enjoy your snack as you bath.

• Chocolate.

Considering you don’t want to keep on going back to the kitchen to get more snacks in case you want to spend more time in the tub, choose snacks that will take longer time in the mouth before you swallow. Chocolate can stay in the mouth for a long time if you do not chew it. Such snacks can last you for a while as you enjoy your bathtub time too.

Foods to avoid while in your bathtub.

• Liquid foods.

Liquid foods can prohibit you from enjoying your bath in the tub because most of the times you will focus on the menu to avoid spillage in the water. Also, since you are not eating the food at once, it may get cold after staying for a while. So, if possible, avoid eating foods that have liquid while in the bathtub.

Your bathing time does not have to be boring as you can spice it by carrying some snacks to much on while you relax in the water. The above are some of the best meals that you should consider having while in the bathtub. Make sure to carry solid foods that are nutrition and easy to handle.

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