Decluttering Tips - Why Storage Containers Make For Great Space-Saving Solutions

I've been working to help people organizer their homes, and one of the biggest things that I tell my clients is that they need containers, because it makes it so much easier to have your house in order if you keep things in containers of similar sizes and dimensions. Here's what a reader has to say about using storage containers.

Storage solutions are the two magical words for anyone looking to declutter their living space. You need to make some hard decisions when you decide to declutter, and take a hardline approach to storage solutions. Fortunately storage containers make doing so incredibly easy, and they can be applied to all rooms and circumstances. Find out what you’re missing out on, and how these containers can add value to your living space.

They’re less clunky, more streamline

Chances are you have put off handling your storage because every time you open the cupboard it’s a chaotic mess that doesn’t look like it can be fixed in an afternoon. And so the clutter builds, and the space around you reduces. Four half empty cereal boxes of the same kind, rolled over pasta packets that only have a string or two of spaghetti - does this sound familiar? Well it’s time to sharpen up and compile your items into storage containers so that your cupboard reflects a condensed display of the items that are available. Getting home from work and deciding what to make for dinner is hard enough, but when your ingredients and items are a disheveled mess before you - you are not going to enjoy your time in the kitchen.

They are for every room in the house

Storage containers are only for the kitchen, right? Wrong! Storage containers bring order to laundrys, bedrooms, bathrooms and any other room you have under your roof. The benefits apply to any room as clutter is found all over the house, as we well know. Nurseries and children's’ rooms are home to nappy’s, singlets, onesies, dummies and literally hundreds more items and contraptions.

Storage containers will provide you order, while also being very hygienic for your little one. The laundry is another room crying out for storage containers, as usually the laundry needs space saving solutions. All that laundry powder, softener, pegs and delicates bag can be stowed away out of view, secure in containers.

They aren’t one size fits all

Storage containers have come a long way from the large one-size clunky units that they once were. There is now hundreds of sizes so that they can fit into any draw, cupboard or bench space that they will sit upon. Whether your home is a large open plan space, or a pokey studio apartment you will find that there is a storage container suited to your living arrangement. You can also choose the shape and colour you want, allowing you to adopt a different style for a child’s room compared to your kitchen or laundry.

They are better for your products

Even one storage container makes a world of difference, but many can completely declutter your home. But outside of that huge benefit, they are also better for your products and belongings. The folding of the packet or rubber band technique doesn’t just look bad, it’s also not entirely sanitary. A sealed storage container keeps contents fresh and will give them longevity. They also allow you to condense, so that you can empty four packets of the same thing into one container and rest assured knowing they are in their best condition.

Still not convinced? Dip your toe in and start using a few storage containers for one of your more cluttered rooms. You can then increase your containers and start to use them in other areas of the home, choosing different colours and styles so that it doesn’t feel too clinical. Reclaim your weekends that are spent decluttering. Stop moving mess from one room to another, and find a long term solution that will not only give you more space, but will also be best for the contents inside.

Do you use storage containers in your house? Where, and in what rooms?
I do use most of my storage containers in the kitchen, usually empty jars that I then fill with various kitchen things, but also some matching rectangular containers for storing packages that I don't plan on moving into little containers of their own. I also use containers in cabinets for clothes. Any shelves are better filled with containers than folded things, in my opinion.

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