Brilliant Gifts For The Obsessed Foodie In Your Life

I'm a foodie. Anyone who knows me well (or even semi well) knows that about me. Don't get me baskets of lotions and creams as a gift, those will go unused in my house. Get me something food related and I'm sure to love it. Here's some tips from a reader about what types of gifts work well for a foodie like myself. (Not that I'm hinting or anything... haha.)

You know someone who passionately believes that breakfast, lunch and dinner are much more than necessities. They go to restaurants to try the newest trends, explore adventurous menus and test out unique recipes in their own kitchen. If you need to get this culinary connoisseur a thoughtful gift, read these fantastic ideas for inspiration.

Adorable knits

Anyone who is comfortable with a pair of knitting needles should make their foodie friends themed décor to put on their kitchen counters and coffee tables. Go to the website Yarnspirations to find out how to recreate knit donuts using Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn in sweet pastels like robin’s egg, blue, and rose pink. They have a good deal of other food-related ideas and Lily Sugar’n Cream patterns for you to look through and try out. The website is also a convenient spot to shop for yarn online for your creative handcrafted presents since the patterns are entirely free and they have a 45-day return policy in case you are unhappy with the materials you picked out. Your colorful yarn desserts will look so tempting that your friends will wish they could take a bite.

Gift baskets

Wow them with a basket stuffed to the brim with goodies that indulge their love for all things edible. It’s a stress-free task on your part because you just have to collect items that relate to their hobby and present it in a beautiful package. You should base the contents on their specific culinary interests, tastes and needs — if they are into cooking, fill their foodie gift basket with kitchen utensils like spatulas, whisks, dishcloths and bowls. If they are in the midst of a cake baking phase, get them a selection of food colors, sprinkles or icing tools. Common dry ingredients like grains, sugars and spices will be greatly appreciated when they need to stock up their pantry.


Naturally, one of the best presents to give to a person who declares themselves an official foodie is something delicious to eat. Spend a weekend in your kitchen making them succulent spreads to put on their toast at breakfast or their scones in the afternoon, like mason jars full of fresh plum jam and tart lemon curd. Invite them over to your place for dinner and delight them with a table laden with homemade dishes and chilled wine. If you’re confident in your kitchen skills, choose recipes to impress foodie friends like a towering green tea crepe cake, a sizzling beef Wellington or a bowl of ice cream with a savory taste instead of sweet. If you don’t have the time or the know-how to stir up a three-course meal, you can always treat them to dinner at a hip restaurant.

They will be absolutely overjoyed that you went out of your way to put together a present that suits their favorite passion. They will be touched by your thoughtfulness as a friend, whether you hand them a dessert made of sugar, flour and butter, or one made out of yarn.

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