Delightful Dishes For A Special Holiday Gathering

Some people really love having guests and entertaining, but have a difficult time coming up with a menu. For this reason, even though they know how to cook, they go out to restaurants when they would like to have a fancy dinner. Here's some suggestions from a reader as to how to make a fancy dinner for your holiday gathering.

Soon your relatives and close friends will be coming through your front door with gifts tucked under their arms, waiting to stuff their faces with delicious food. This type of reunion doesn’t happen every weekend, so you want to pick dishes that will impress them until the very last bite. These are a few meal suggestions that you should follow if you want people to leave the gathering with full stomachs and wonderful memories.

When the guests walk in, hang up their coats and purses in the hall closet and put a glass of punch in their hand — this sweet and boozy drink is sure to get them in the celebratory mood. Fill a beautiful punchbowl with ice cubes, then pour real cranberry juice, apple cider and diet ginger ale inside. Put in sparkling white wine and a strong dose of brandy or dark rum, and then carefully stir the contents until they blend together. For a large crowd, you can make two or three holiday punches for people to sample through the night — this is a good opportunity to make a non-alcoholic choice for anyone that can’t partake or for those who have already overindulged.

Go all out for your main course by serving Maine lobster tails or whole lobsters with sides of light vegetables and bowls of clarified butter. You don’t have to worry about the time of year or your proximity to a seafood market because you can buy live lobsters online and have them shipped straight to your home address — they can have the box full of fresh seafood sent to you in just twenty-four hours. When you buy lobster online, it arrives with a cooking and handling guide in case you’re not experienced with the ingredient. An easy option is to steam or boil the live ones and have guests break into the shells on their own to get to the meat — this can get messy, so offer lots of cloth napkins to protect clothes from getting dirty. To serve this unforgettable entrée at your dinner party, visit the website Lobster Anywhere and have the ingredients delivered on the exact date.

Let everyone at the table know that they should try to leave just a little bit of room for the final course because you want to end the fantastic gathering with a show-stopping holiday dessert that your family will love to eat, like a triple-layered gingerbread cake smothered in cinnamon cream cheese frosting. You can turn this treat into an elegant centerpiece by coating it in edible decorations like gingerbread cookies in the shape of pine trees or miniature homemade no-fail meringues embellished with gold leaf and strips of food coloring.

You want your guests to leave their seats patting their stomachs in satisfaction or asking if they can take some of the food home in plastic containers. The only problem that making these dishes will bring is that every plate will be scraped clean — there is no use hoping for any leftovers to enjoy the next day.

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