Parenting and Earning: How to Do Both at the Same Time

I've pretty much only been a work at home mom since my kids were little. Only recently, since deciding to get divorced, did I start working out of the house more regularly. Some people want to be able to work from home but don't know how to do it. Here's some great ideas from a reader on what type of jobs you can easily do from home; I learned something new from this post, and I thought I knew all about being a work at home mom!

Between dealing with temper tantrums, breastfeeding, diapers, wiping runny noses and completing other chores at home, being a stay at home mom is a full-time job. Also, it is tiring and expensive.

Yes, having kids is one of the best feelings and experiences for moms and dads too but the responsibility of raising them and juggling other chores is a pain. The good news is that stay at home moms can hire a housemaid to complete other chores and leave them with the responsibility of raising kids. The problem is this costs money.

To earn some cash in order to pay the housemaid and even cater for other in and out of the house expenses, one needs to work. Thanks to the internet and the gig economy, stay at home moms have the opportunity of earning up to six-figure sums from the comfort of their homes.

Want to know how?

Here are the top 5 money making online opportunities for stay at home moms.

#1. Virtual Tutor

Are you proficient in English? Are you proficient in other languages – Spanish, French or Mandarin? Do you have other unique skills – web development, mobile app development, drawing and playing musical instruments? Then, become a virtual tutor. Using available tools such as Skype, FaceTime, and others, you can train kids and adults as well. By doing so, you have a chance of earning $15+ per hour. Depending on your experience and the number of students you are able to attract, your earnings can go as high as $100.

There are virtual tutoring companies that make it easy for you to meet with students. Some of them include Course Hero, VIPKID, Wyzant, and others.

#2. Become a paid blogger

The internet is home to more than 2.5 billion websites and blogs. As a stay at home mom, becoming a blogger is easy. There are tons of opportunities bloggers use to monetize their sites. One of the best is becoming an affiliate. In your new role, you can create original, entertaining, relevant and evergreen content. This content informs your readers and helps them make better decisions. Once you have started your blog, sign up to popular affiliate marketing companies like Amazon and Clickbank. Before you know it, you will be earning a six-figure sum annually. Want to fast track your performance?

Looking up affiliate marketing reviews can help you and others interested in affiliate marketing to take the right steps when selecting affiliate networks and the products to market. By doing, you can maximize your sales commission and increase your earnings.

#3. Virtual Assistant

While working as a virtual assistant is not all fairies and unicorns, the gig is quite liberating. As a virtual assistant, your duties are similar to those of an executive assistant. Basically, you are hired by business people and even celebrities to book travel and accommodation. Also, you can hire limousine services to shuttle your boss from the airport to business meetings and back to the hotel.

Other responsibilities entail maintaining a calendar, conducting research as requested and other tasks. In your new job, your earnings can range between $16 or more depending on your experience and task. To get started, have a laptop, high-speed internet, webcam, and a smartphone. To find virtual assistant jobs, sign up at Upwork, FlexJobs, and

#4. Freelance copywriter

Copywriters have the responsibility of conceiving effective advertisements for different clients. The advertising ideas contain a visual and verbal concept which requires an intuitive understanding of the target customers.

Also, copywriters need to understand the client’s brief as this helps to determine the character and style of the advertisement. Getting started as a freelance copywriter is very easy. Just create your profile on Upwork and LinkedIn. Using your website, send out applications to ad agencies.

#5. Website tester

As said earlier, there are more than 2.5 billion websites available on the internet. Among these, you have business or company websites. Companies invest a lot in the development of their websites. Not only do they meet available web standards but they offer a seamless user experience.

Problem is, there are elements which may put off prospective customers. For instance, the navigation menu is not easy to use and the website lacks other links to access other pages. Also, the colors may be off-putting and page load times are slow. As a website tester, your responsibility is to provide insight and point out these problems.

Companies that offer web testing gigs include Userfeel, Analysia, and

There you have it. Top 5 money making online opportunities for stay at home moms. Now, all that is left is for you is to read online reviews and research more to find better platforms and opportunities.

Good luck!

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