The Difference between Cold Press Juicers vs. Centrifugal Juice Extractors

I am a fan of juice, for taste reasons more than health, but I know some people swear by juicing to heal all sorts of ailments. I have a juicer but it never worked so well. Reading this post submitted by a reader, I am realizing now that it is because of the type of juicer that it is. I learned something new!

Drinking juice extracted from fruits and vegetables is a healthy option that every individual should consider. The liquid extract is important for health benefits because it contains most of the minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients found in the fruit and vegetables. Moreover, juice works as a detox by keeping the body's digestive tract and colon free of obstructions. The juice is extracted by various devices including cold press juicers and centrifugal juice extractors. These applicators work differently, and it is advisable for a client to read reviews of both types of juicers before purchasing.

The cold press juicer uses a rotating instrument which looks like a corkscrew to squeeze the juice out of the vegetables or fruits. The juicer works by first crushing and then pressing the fruits and vegetables to yield the highest amount of liquid. A cold press juicer operates at a very low speed, but its motor is powerful. This type of juicer produces almost no heat and allows very little exposure to oxygen. Therefore, they keep the nutrients in the fresh ingredients intact.

The cold press juicer presses with about 2000 pounds of hydraulic pressure meaning a high amount of juice is released. A cold press juicer is essential when making juice for detoxing because of the high levels of nutrients when making almond or nuts milk. When a person wants to achieve minimal pulp waste from green and leafy vegetables, and when juicing tough leafy greens, this is the device to consider. Slow juicers are advantageous because most of the enzymes and nutrients from fruits and vegetables are maintained in the juice as they are not destroyed by heat. However, the machine is time-consuming because they need to use a pressing force to get the juice through the filter with no heat. Also, the cold press juicer is labour intensive, and it is expensive. Visit Veranda Interiors for some budget friendly juicers and juice extractors, they have detail reviews on both products.

On the other hand, a centrifugal juice extractor uses a fast-spinning grinding metal blade which spins against a mesh filter, separating juice from fruits and vegetables using centrifugal force. The liquid extract and palp are separated into different containers of the machine. This device generates heat, and thus the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables are destroyed. This destruction is encountered because the heat generated oxidizes the nutrients leading to juice that has fewer nutrients as compared to the amount found in the fruits and vegetables. The centrifugal juice extractor is as noisy as the blender.

It is essential to use a centrifugal juice extractor when a person wants to use the juice in baking or cooking or other processes where eventually the juice will be heated. Also, it is beneficial when a person usually extracts juice regularly because it is fast and thus time-saving, and when a person is not much concerned about the nutrients. Centrifugal juice extractors are perfect for juicing non-leafy vegetables, and soft and hard fruits. Therefore, it is an important device for a person who is mainly interested in juicing fruits and non-leafy vegetables.

A centrifugal juice extractor is advantageous as it helps a person save money because it is way cheaper than a cold press juicer. A centrifugal juice extractor is found in most homes because it is easier to use and it is faster as compared to the slow juicer. Centrifugal juice extractors are reliable machines for producing many kinds of juice within a short period. In homes, where fruits and vegetable juice should be part of the daily meals, a centrifugal juice extractor is usually used.

The cold press juicer and centrifugal juice extractor are different, but they serve essential purposes. Therefore, with the differences mentioned above and benefits, it will be easier for a person to decide on which device to buy. Both of them are important, but under different perspectives. Most commercial companies selling juice use centrifugal juice extractor so that they can meet the market demands and make higher sales. However, many companies are now valuing people's health by using cold press juicers because they want their clients to obtain high amounts of nutrients from their juice.

It is important to have a juicer at home because it is healthy to drink juice extracts from fruits and vegetables. Juicing is beneficial for the body as it provides vitamins, in turn, preventing infections and it provides antioxidants which remove potentially oxidizing agents. A juice also hydrates the body, it is a solution to weight loss as it boosts the results of most exercises by replacing electrolytes and helping to repair damaged muscles, and helps promote an alkaline friendly environment within the body. Making juice from fruits and vegetables should be a routine in every home for healthy living. Juicing is a faster way to get nutrients in the body than eating the fruits and vegetables. Therefore, one should consider getting a cold press juicer or the centrifugal juice extractor.

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