Five Day Tours to Take When in Phuket

I adore traveling, and have made myself a bucket list of places I want to visit. Thailand is one of those places; so much about it fascinates me. This write up by a reader on Phuket (pronounced Poo Ket, get your head out of the gutter) makes me want to visit it more then ever!

Phuket qualifies for one of the world’s most beguiling landscape. When it comes to Phuket day tours, you can actually dig into and around Phuket and reach many places on your own. However, some of the day tours will require you to take a minibus or a boat and some planning. We have listed here five famous day tours in Phuket that you definitely need to visit.

Phang Nga Bay

Missing Phang Nga Bay day tour is almost the same as committing a sin. It is a phenomenal world’s wonder. You will reach the bay through boarding in a large wooden boat at Ao Por Pier on the east coast. A smooth one-hour ride will take you to the first island where you’ll be briefed the limestone phenomenon and about entering a Hong through thin tunnels at particular times. The ideal approach to discover the bay is in a quiet kayak gradually coasting among huge cliffs. The sea is peaceful throughout the year and it looks even more mesmerizing with huge rain clouds!

Phi Phi Island

You may not have been there but you must have heard of it! It is on a to-do list of almost all vacationers for many reasons. The island looks breathtaking with two bays encompassed by steep limestone cliffs. The parties there never stop and will last all night. Explorers appear to have made Phi Phi their destination choice. It likewise is a decent snorkeling and diving spot for all levels of divers – from beginners to wreck divers.
Despite having been largely spoiled by unstoppable construction, it is still beautiful. Phi Phi is not a long way from Phuket and cost-effective if you choose ferry. You can get to the island throughout the year.

Simon Cabaret

Located just outside Patong Beach on the way to Karon, Phuket Sumin Carabet vast amphitheater can adjust a huge number of audience. The show distributes between cycles: two extensive performances and another in front of the curtain to change the stage set. The Simon Carabet is popular for another reason than just the alluring outfits and show; people go there to see the curiously beautiful ladyboys with their very own eyes.

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket FantaSea is a fabulous attraction park. This is a massive performance arranged in the theme park located in Kamala Beach. The performance narrates the legend of Kamala – a jungle encircling a mythical palace fenced by elephants. The return of the elephants marks an end to the heroic battle scenes and customary dances.
The Phuket FantaSea is peculiarly created, planned around the theme of Thai mythology and legends providing you endless opportunities for photography. The park will let you enjoy shopping, have a cup of coffee or keep your kids busy with funfairs.

Phuket City Tour

It is a good exploration day when the weather does not allow you to get to the beach. Phuket town has recently undergone many changes and transformed into a remarkable tourist city with stylistic historical streets and several beautiful old Sino-Portuguese mansions, few revamped, and others partly run down. You will get to experience local markets and pay a visit to Thai temples crafted with elaborate gold, red and green roofs. The town has vibrant streets full of coffee shops and small cafes. The area isn’t too big which makes it easy to stroll along the street.

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