Thursday, January 3, 2019

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids From Having to Take Sick Days This Season and a Giveaway!

We've been sick far too often this winter! Here's some tips from a reader on how to keep from getting sick! Make sure to check out below for details about and to enter the giveaway!

No one likes to take sick days, but during the winter and holiday season they almost seem inevitable—especially for our little ones. During this time of year, schedules seem to get busier and the germs seem to spread easier than ever. Here are some easy, natural ways you can help your kids stay healthy at home and wherever else they’ll go.

Make Sure They’re Drinking Lots of Water

You’ve likely heard this one before, but water is a vital part of our bodies’ immune systems, and it’s very important for your kids to drink enough water. Your kids may be especially tempted this time of year to reach for a cup of cocoa or another sugary beverage, but try infusing water with cinnamon and apple slices for a fun treat instead. This will help your kids drink the recommended 6–8 glasses of water a day.

Try Giving Them a Daily Probiotic

Probiotics can help fight off bad bacteria with good bacteria. Introducing a daily probiotic into your kids’ diet, can give them a leg-up in fighting off sickness. Try giving your kids an all-natural, chewable variety like Doctor MKs Natural KIDS Probiotics Chews. It’s physician formulated, gluten and sugar-free, and comes in fun shapes that kids love. (It’s a good idea to check with your child’s primary care physician before giving any supplements to your children.)

Stick to Earlier Bedtimes

School-age children should be getting 9–11 hours of sleep a night. And studies have shown that getting adequate sleep is helpful in fighting off infections, even the common cold. So although it may be tempting to stay up later to fit in seasonal activities, sticking to earlier bedtimes is a wise move. Your healthy and well-rested children will thank you for it.

Remind Them to Wash Their Hands

Remind your kids to wash their hands before eating, after spending time in public places, and even before going to bed. Frequently washing hands is a simple, but proven method for fighting the spread of germs and bacteria. Don’t forget to lead by example on this one, and wash your own hands often as well!

Keep Fresh Snacks on Hand

A diet of fresh foods, with lots of fruits and vegetables, will give your kids the nutrients they need to fight off infection. Try cutting up vegetables your kids enjoy and keeping them at kid-eye-level in the fridge for easy grabbing. You might also try letting your kids help pick out produce at the store. They’ll feel more involved and be more interested in eating what they helped pick out!

Now for the giveaway:

Doctor MK’s Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews are physician formulated, all natural, and come in fun animal shapes that kids enjoy. Parents love that they’re sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher—and kids love that they taste like candy!

Probiotics help support a healthy immune system for your kids, especially when it comes to fighting harmful bacteria in their stomach. Doctor MK’s Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews were created by a physician with parents in mind. Each supplement is tested for quality and safety. This product contains 10 strains of 2 billion CFUs, all certified. You can rest assured with a 100% satisfaction guarantee while taking action to help your kids stay healthy with a daily probiotic.

One lucky winner from the US will win one bottle of Doctor MK’s Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews (60-chewables).

Whoever doesn't win, well, its available on Amazon!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below sharing a tip to keep healthy in the winter! One entry per person.

Winter will be chosen at random on 1/11/2019 and will be contacted via email! Make sure that your comment below is connected to your email address so I can reach you! 


  1. We bought a Purell dispenser this year and mounted it next to the front door...we may have had a smaller incidence of colds due to that but it's hard to tell if it's statistically significant :).

  2. I sleep with my socks on, so cozy.

  3. We eat tons of citrus (vitamin C!) in the winter.

  4. Make sure you vitamin D levels stay adequate. For me that means I need to supplement in the late fall through early spring.

  5. try to keep the stress down. I think mental health can contribute a lot to the bodies well being

  6. Be sure to drink a half a glass of 100% grape juice daily. This really works. My kids haven't had a cold or the flu in 2 years since we started doing this.

  7. Eat warming foods! Garlic, ginger, paprika, turmeric, sage, oregano, etc- boosts the immune system and warms the body!

  8. I exercise which seems to help the most since I am in contact with the public at my job. Also eat mandarins for the vitamin C. Garlic for immunity boost. Lots of sleep (7 to 8 hours a day.)

  9. Soaking in the tub with espson salts and essential oils then proper sleep.

  10. We have made some hand sanitizer at home — basically alcohol and aloe — to help when we aren’t in a place to wash up with soap and water. Picking their favorite essential oils has made them excited to use it.

  11. Make sure the bedroom is for sleeping only, especially for kids. If their mind is stimulated by games, TV, phones,etc, their body will become programmed to think the bedroom is for playing.


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