Giveaway Winners!

I'm really excited to share the winners of last week's giveaways!

We have two lucky winners!

One winner, to celebrate my ninth bloggaversary is for my cookbook, Penniless Foodie in the Wild; Adaptable Recipes for Foragers and Frugalistas!

The lucky winner is Linda H, who said that her favorite post on Penniless is:

"I love the whole Extreme Frugality section, but my favourite post ever is "Visiting London on a Shoestring Budget" because it's something I'd like to do one day."

Look out in your email for an email from me, so I can get your address to send you your copy of the book!

The local winner for my giveaway is Hila Bickman, who wrote that her favorite post was my cucumber purslane gazpacho.

Hila, also look out for an email from me!

And for the giveaway for a bottle of the Doctor MK’s Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews...

The lucky winner is:

AR who wrote that her tip for keeping her family healthy in the winter is this:
AR, your email address isn't linked to your comment! Please send me an email to with your address so I can have it sent out to you!

I can't wait to get these prizes out to the lucky winners! Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway!

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