How to Look More Fabulous Even On A Tight Budget

If looking fabulous and stylish is important to you, here's some suggestions from a reader how to do that without breaking the budget.

The year started on a high note. The only downside is the financial crisis that has hit everyone's pockets. Living on a budget is not easy, but you don't have to look poor while at it. You can wear cheap clothes, shoes and accessories, but still look fabulous.

Here are tricks to help you look good on a simple and inexpensive budget.

1.) Have your clothes tailored explicitly for you

A couple of stitches on your new clothes can work a lot of magic. With the appropriate stitches on the right places, a $10 skirt from a local thrift shop can look better than a $300 dress from a famous designer. If you don't find your exact fit off the rack when shopping, be sure to visit a tailor before you reach home, to make sure that the clothing is the right cut to suit your body type. The money you will spend on the stitches will be worth every dime. When choosing what to buy, you should always remember that the less complicated the garments, the easier it is to tailor. Even better is if you know how to sew and can tailor your clothes yourself.

2.) Paint your shoes

Cheap shoes can look faded and worn out. To make them look expensive, they must look new. Using color dyes to revamp your shoes is the best way to keep them looking fresh. Coloring works best when going from light to dark colors or repainting your shoes to their original colors. Cheap shoes can fade over time, but painting them periodically will keep them looking new and expensive.

3.) Replace your buttons

Cheap clothes come with basic plastic buttons that can steal the shade away from a beautiful piece of cloth. You can save the day by replacing the low-quality buttons with buttons made of bones, metal, or pearls. Quality buttons will give your clothes a luxurious touch. You can harvest these buttons from your old clothes, or you can shop for them online on eBay or Etsy. Switching cloth buttons should be relatively simple, but you can get it done for you for a few dollars at any local dry cleaner.

4.) Never wear worn out clothes

Don't wear clothes that are in less than pristine condition. If you notice a stain on your T-shirt, get rid of it immediately. If you encounter a resistant stain, you should take it to your local dry cleaners to see what they can do. If you cannot get rid of it, turn it into a rag. If you see a ripped seam, a loose thread or a loose button, deal with it immediately. If you can notice it, other people will notice it too. Keeping your clothes at an excellent state is the only way to make sure that they do not look cheap.

5.) Wear noticeable and weighty accessories

You can wear cheap clothes and inexpensive jewelry, but when chosen and styled thoughtfully, you can elevate your look. Don't be afraid to try out watches and dark metals or wristbands with a vintage touch. You can wear clear crystals or you can choose to wear gemstones as long as they accessorize what you wear.

6.) Do not wash your clothes too much

Washing your clothes periodically is not the only solution to keep them clean. Washing clothes wears down the fabrics which reduce in quality over time. Washing also washes down the colors which leaves clothes old, faded and cheap looking. If you find a small stain on your cloth, you can clean it out using a wet piece of towel or a toothbrush. You can put your clothes in a freezer through the night and remove it in the morning to eliminate odors. Yes, this method actually works.

7.) Get yourself a steamer

Wrinkles can make anything look old and cheap. You cannot iron many synthetic fabrics, which rules out ironing as the best solution. A good steamer can get rid of all wrinkles on any material in a few minutes. You can steam your clothes at night, then hang them in your room with the windows open. This process will get rid of the smells and odors so your clothes will be fresh, clean, and ready to wear in the morning. You should never steam your clothes in your bathroom as you take an abnormally long shower. Bathroom steam is not enough for tough wrinkles, and it is a complete waste of water and energy.

8.) Keep your look simple

When you buy cheap clothes, you should focus on a simple look. Jewelry embellishments, whiskered/distressed denims, and plated tops are never easy to pull on a small budget. Additionally, you may need to streamline your whole look from head to toe. If you are developing gray hair, you can use these supplements to reverse gray hair and keep it from developing. Before you leave your home, you should ask yourself, am I wearing this attire as sleek as it should be? You can add a bracelet or a watch which can have a significant impact on the final general look.

9.) Avoid too much make up and keep your nails clean

When it comes to cheap makeup, you can never go wrong with a pinch of mascara, a dab of concealer and some lipstick. Keeping it simple is the only way to make it look natural. Keep your nails clean and use clear nail polish. Clear nail polish is best because it always looks good.

10.) Save on basic, versatile items and invest in trendy permanent items and statement pieces

Combining expensive and inexpensive items is always a winning move, but some people get the whole thing wrong. You should not spend $300 on a shoe that you can get at a local market for $50. The reality is that both of these shoes will wear out before you are done with them. You can make an informed judgment to have an expensive dress and cheaper shoes; this will work a lot better. Accessories are another approach to make your wardrobe look different, even though you are wearing the same clothes. You can save money on designer glasses if you shop online, so if you pick the right pair, you won’t need to buy a new set for a few years.

11.) Always choose black and white over brown colors

Warm colors like brown, olive and mauve often look dull and sad, especially on low-quality materials. Cheap clothes are made from low-quality materials. The best way to look good with cheap clothes is to focus on black, white or saturated colors. Black and white from head to toe will look very classy.

12.) Create a smoother silhouette under your garments

Cheap clothes have ill-fitting and flimsy materials. Flimsy materials can expose bra and panty lines which can be a distraction and sometimes feel very awkward. A well-fitted bra and lightweight undergarments can help to solve this problem. Wearing cheap clothes with well-fitted undergarments will make the clothes look more natural and more expensive and luxurious than they are.

Living on a budget can be a bit challenging, but it does not have to influence how you look. These simple tricks will help you look fabulous whenever you put on your cheap clothes. Cheap clothes don't have to look cheap. Employ some of these tricks and find out which ones work best for you. What are you waiting for?

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