8 Foolproof Party Ideas For Surprising Your Teenager

My kids love birthday parties, but we haven't reached the teenage stage yet. Here's some ideas from a reader to make your teen the most awesome birthday party ever.

There is no doubt that teenagers are some of the pickiest people in the world. Unfortunately, as much as you love them, planning a successful surprise party has never been easy. Whether you are celebrating a special achievement or surprising them for their birthday, there can sometimes be stressful obstacles along the way. Yet, this doesn’t mean it has to be impossible. In fact, everything can be organized perfectly and easily when you bear in mind some fool proof party ideas. These are guaranteed to put a smile on every teenager’s face.

The color…

The best party ideas are often the simplest. One recent idea is to ask guests to come dressed all in one color. This can be quite entertaining, but also makes for some great photo opportunities. As the guests will be so bright, there is usually no need to decorate. If you wish to plan a more colorful event, assign some guests a certain color, with your teenager dressed in shimmering gold or silver. If you are hoping to plan the theme down to the last detail, you can try baking a rainbow cake.


Most teenagers will jump on the chance to dress up for a party, but only if they like the theme. One which is guaranteed to spike everyone’s excitement is the classic caveman theme. Appealing to both boys and girls, adding fake fur and messy hair to even the most basic of clothing is an easy way to make an effective costume. It is likely that the guests will want some treats to munch on during the party, so make some themed snacks beforehand. Just don’t forget to keep them hidden from your teenager.

Disco party

Some themes have held a special place in people's hearts since they came about, such as disco parties. Epitomizing glitz and glamor, every age loves the chance to dress up, including teenagers. The best thing about this theme is that you can tell your teenager about their party, but they won’t guess the theme until the day arrives. To add some sophistication to the party, make some mocktails that each teenager will enjoy. Having some classic disco tunes on the playlist will also help you bring the party to life.

The Eighties

It is not just the Seventies that has captured the imaginations of teenagers. The Eighties was full of wacky outfits that are fun to wear and to put together, even today. With shows like Stranger Things inspiring teenagers to embrace this decade at fancy dress parties, it is becoming an even more popular option. When you are planning the party, make sure you buy your themed party supplies from an authentic store, so that every guest feels like they are stepping straight into the past. The guests may even take some decorations home as party favours.

Outer space

Space has enchanted people for millennia, so there is no surprise that it has always been a loveable fancy dress option for parties. Stars, space men, aliens and rocket ships are only a few of the many costume ideas people can follow. For decorating, paint some planets on thick card, before tacking them all over the venue. The sparkle involved with this theme makes it a particularly good option for winter parties and larger celebrations. Add a special finishing touch by playing some space movies via a projector on the walls.

Sea creatures

Dressing as any animal from the animal kingdom is bound to be a hit, but setting a sea creatures theme is a little more entertaining. This means your teenager’s guests can dress as anything from colorful fish to mermaids. Not only can they have fun making their own costumes, but you can also put your creative talents to use by decorating the venue. Using organza fabric to recreate the sea, hanging old, blue fabric scraps from the ceiling to make seaweed, and scattering glitter everywhere as plankton are all excellent ideas.

Glow in the dark

In recent years, some party ideas have dominated the teenage party scene. Among these is the glow in the dark theme, where people dress up in special clothes, which glow under ultra violet lights. There are endless possibilities with this theme. You can add the glow in the dark element to other themes, such as an outer space or disco one. Or, you can use it on its own. Either way, guests are encouraged to paint their faces and wear bright clothes, to catch the light more. Everyone who attends a party like this always speaks of the fun they have.

Cops and robbers

There are few party themes which stand the test of time, but cops and robbers has remained a popular option for teenagers throughout the years. This is largely due to how easy it is to create a costume, with robbers wearing black and white stripes, and cops being able to find costumes in abundance online. As with any surprise party, send out the invitations with a small note to not let your teenagers know about the big day. Including costume tips and gift ideas that relate to the theme is also a great idea.

Happy birthday and have a fun party!

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