How to Make Your Princess Look Amazing as a Flower Girl Without Breaking the Bank

As one of the first in both my family and Mike's family to have kids, my children were both flower girls and ring bearers at our siblings' weddings. Here's some tips from a reader on how to keep down the cost while not detracting from this special day.

Flower girls and ring-bearers are the cutest little munchkins that add sweetness to the uber-romantic event of a wedding. It is a little girl's ultimate chance to get enjoy all the limelight, attention and feel like her favorite princess character from a Disney movie or a fairy tale. So many girls love getting dressed up in beautiful clothing, and being a flower girl is quite a wonderful experience for them.

As a parent, however, it can add a lot of stress to your life, figuring out how to dress and accessorize your little girl. However, don't this stress, including the financial stress, have you turn down the opportunity. Although people will tell you flower girl dresses cost a fortune, you can easily get your daughter dressed as a beautiful flower girl without breaking the bank.

Start Early

The wisest thing to do when prepping up for any event is to start as early as possible. That will buy you a lot of time and time brings a lot of benefits with itself. Use this time to browse through different stores and see if something strikes you. A year-long time window also allows you to benefit from seasonal promotions and winter sales, which is an excellent way to find cheap flower girl dresses. On the rare chance that you can't find anything for your daughter, you can always get one made for her, although that is more expensive by far.
If there will be more than one flower girls, coordinate with the parents of the other girls and buy matching dresses together when you see these sales.

Style and Color

The style and color of the dress is the most prominent feature of a flower girl as she walks the bride down the aisle. At this point, ask the bride for her input and factor in those in your dress shopping spree. Your girls dress can either follow the core palette of the actual bridal dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses or the general wedding theme. Whatever you pick should be in line with the overall theme.
The right style of the dress would be anything that keeps your daughter comfortable and does not stress her out. Frocks or ankle length maxi dresses are a good choice since kids are not mindful of how they walk or move and shorter lengths are much easier to manage.


Just like the style, pick a fabric that is lightweight and not itchy. Do consider the weather conditions especially if the wedding is scheduled to take place at another destination or a beach. Make sure that the dress does not make your child feel too hot or too cold.

Enjoy your special day, and I hope you have lots of fond memories and beautiful pictures afterwards!


Although you may think that you need to spend lots of money getting your daughter the perfect updo for this special occasion, you can style your daughter's hair beautifully all by yourself, even without a lot of special training or experience.

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