Here Is Why Modern Dermatologists Recommend Using Only Organic Beauty Products

I used to think that, in terms of health, it only mattered what you put into your mouth, but not what you put on your skin. Then I learned that your skin, as one of the biggest organs in your body, absorbs what you put onto it, and you need to be careful there. Here's some tips from a reader about how to choose healthy skin care products.

As a person who is very cautious about skin, it came to me as a shock when I learned the top beauty brands I trusted and regularly used were hiding away the true picture of what their products are made off.

It was only recently I discovered that nearly all beauty products in my drawer had harmful chemicals and additives added to enhance the product. It caught my attention when I was reading an article about parabens on the internet, a very common chemical used in beauty products of today. The thing that concerned me was that parabens are associated with cancer and the skin that gets exposed to this chemical has more chances of incurring cancer.

I knew I had to make an immediate change. I went to my dermatologist and she confirmed that typical beauty and skincare products indeed carried chemicals that cause hazardous health problems. She said the only way to keep myself safe from these chemicals is to go organic, and ever since that day, I have only bought organic beauty products.

Here are some reasons why modern dermatologists recommend using only organic beauty products.

They’re Much More Gentle to Your Skin

Organic beauty products such as makeup, moisturizer, conditioner, blush, and other things are made with nutrients that nourish your skin. They contain nourishing minerals like mica, magnesium, zinc oxide, calcium and botanical ingredients like rosemary extracts, tea tree oil, and green tea. In other words, these products carry nature with them.

Most beauty products in your drawer contain harsh chemicals that are extremely bad for sensitive skin. Even if your skin is normal, it absorbs these chemicals and they end up in your body which affects your overall health. This is why it is wise to choose vegan skin products because your skin will be treated with nature’s best ingredients without altered states and chemical infusion.

They Will Protect Your Future Offspring

Believe it or not, the chemicals you expose your body to can be quite harmful to your future generations. Recently, it was discovered that a well-known baby product was associated with cancer just because it contained a harmful chemical.

Similarly, when you are using these beauty products while you are expecting, you are absorbing these chemicals which are also being absorbed by the baby. According to Organic Consumers Administration in the U.S, pregnant women who are exposed to high levels of phthalates in beauty products are likely to have children with defects like disruptive behavior. When you are using organic products, you are not only keeping yourself safe but the little one as well.

Using organic beauty products will help you in the long run. Sure in the short term they may not be as quick as synthetic products, but in the long run, they’ll make your skin feel much better. You’ll also have fewer skin problems and save yourself from premature aging. So if you want to keep yourself looking young for years to come, start replacing your unnatural beauty products with organic ones.

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