How To Secure A Pay Rise

Sometimes if you need to be bringing in more money, you don't need to find a new job or work more hours. Sometimes all that is necessary is to get your salary increased via a pay raise. Here's a post from a reader with suggestions as to how to do that.

Getting a pay rise can be one of those things that seems impossible. First of all, you don’t want to ask your boss for one, as you don’t want to seem like you’re being ill-mannered and pushing for too much. Secondly, if you’ve been working for the same amount of money for all of this time, then why ask now for a little bit more? However, when the cost of those essential items goes up, and your salary stays the same, you can feel like you’re being pulled further into financial disarray each month. Here’s how you can secure the pay rise that you need.

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Know your worth

You won’t get anywhere asking for your pay rise if you don’t go into your manager’s office knowing exactly what you want, and exactly what you deserve. If you’re feeling a bit shy and hesitant, then you need to try to overcome this, and approach them with confidence. Work out exactly how much you want to get from your pay rise, and look at the salaries of others who are in your industry. If similar jobs are being offered for higher salaries in the area, then use these as a reference.

Don’t be too emotional

One thing that will ensure that you never get yourself a pay rise is if you go into your manager’s office, and demand that he gives you the money that you deserve. In fact, you’ll probably get fired for doing something like this. Instead of being angry, or trying to tell a sob story, just explain politely that you wish to be considered for a pay rise, and you believe that this is justified because you’ve contributed to the company in X, Y and Z ways. It’s good to prepare for this beforehand.

Show that you’re working hard

If you really want to mark yourself out as a candidate for a pay rise, then you should show that you’re putting a lot of effort in to do the best job possible, and you could also demonstrate that you want to move up in the company. Whether you do an online Bachelors Healthcare Administration course to move up in your healthcare business, or you simply make sure that you’re always turning up on time and getting the job done, think about how you can show your boss that you’re committed.

Give it time

Your manager is probably going to need time to think about your request, so you shouldn’t be emailing them every day asking whether they’ve made their mind up yet. First of all, this is likely to be quite annoying, and secondly, it doesn’t work. Give your boss space to think, and prove in the meantime that you’re deserving of that pay rise! If you’re still waiting after a week or two, then follow up with your boss at this point. Avoid pestering, as it isn’t a great way to prove your point.

So, if you want to secure a pay rise, then remember these simple things, and you should be on the road to improving your income!

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