The Career Paths That Will Never Be Unneeded

I often think about what types of careers my children will get into one day. If you're trying to increase your income, you might think to retrain in another career. But how do you make sure that what you're learning isn't going to go obsolete? Here's a post from a reader about suggestions for careers that are likely to stick around, at least for quite a while.

There are quite a few careers in the world that have stood the test of time. Automobile engineering, marketing, and computer science to name a few. These industries have changed a lot but the need for professionals in this environment is stronger than ever. Parents have to encourage their children to do something they like. Preferably your kids will find something they can really pour their passion into and become successful. However the challenge is first to show them what kind of options there are out there. It's important to not be pushy and try to force them into a direction that you would like them to follow. So as you do explain the landscape of the professional world, show them what kinds of opportunities lie out there that they could do for many decades to come. Some career paths will never be unneeded by any company in any industry, so learning about them and how they have and will evolve will help you to answer some of your children’s questions.

Mobile device developer

The technology industry is widely dominated by smartphone manufacturers. There’s no sector of the tech world that hasn’t got some kind of smartphone company that’s involved with it. The operations of many businesses are now devoted to making sure they have their product or service available for every smartphone. This is why a mobile device developer is a fantastic career path to choose to follow as there are a number of ways the future generation can work in various sectors. Everything from car insurance to restaurants are now making apps that can show consumers what they offer and where they are. However one of the key reasons why this career is continuing to grow is the inevitable evolution of such devices.

Take for example the Samsung Fold. This new technology is all about giving consumers larger screens for a small pocket size. This is just the first in the series and we all know that it will get slimmer and slimmer and how we interact with each other is also going to change because of it. Those that are keen on imagining the future already know that one day we might have small devices that use holograms for their display and could fit in the palm of our hand. A career in device engineering is what you should follow if you want to be involved in this kind of technological advancement. Yet since design is just as important as function, a design degree is also very relevant for getting into this line of work.

A lifelike experience

The entertainment industry has well and truly bowed down to the video games industry. The way gaming has evolved has even shocked Hollywood. And that’s just as well because for almost 5 years now video games have outperformed Hollywood blockbusters in the profit intakes. By far this is the place to be if you want to create incredible stories and experiences for the mass market. However you must have the skills to breathe to life your ideas and have them formatted into a playable scenario. This is why a Wilfrid Laurier MCS is something to consider if you want to learn the skills that will get you into the industry. The various careers you can achieve from this kind of education is being a senior data scientist, a product manager, software developer, software engineer or a senior application developer to name a few. Since this is a masters degree, whoever can attain it will automatically be put into a more senior role. You’ll be leading teams and projects and be right at the forefront of developing world changing technology.

All of these careers can be used in the video game industry as it grows and grows. The software developing sector is probably going to be the most exciting for the next decade or so. VR or virtual reality experiences are now being developed so that the games you play can allow you to virtually jump into them. How you would go about doing this is to enter into a company that is making such technology for games studios. Some of the more well known are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Lenovo Mirage and Sony PlayStation VR to name a few. The career of a product developer will include how the devices work using the human brain. It will map our movements and our wishes through the capture or sensing of brain electrodes which will then, transfer into the games we play. This could be something like loading a plastic gun in real life, but loading a virtual assault rifle in the video game itself. This alone would change the face of the first person shooter genre and generate billions of dollars around the world. However this is just in its infancy and this technology will really come to light in the next decade or so. This is a brilliant career path for your children if they want to get into creating intense and beautiful experiences of a new kind.

The future is now

Once upon a time or rather, quite a few times, we have all imagined what is would be like to drive flying cars. Well, that hasn’t happened yet and unless we find some kind of hyper small fuel we won’t be getting those kinds of cars anytime soon. But the automobile industry is changing right before our eyes. If your children have an interest in cars and how they work, a career path into the electric cars industry is certainly a safe bet to take. Battery powered cars are the future, and we already know what they can do just by looking at a company like Tesla. Electric cars produce zero carbon emissions when they are driven. They also have brutal instantaneous acceleration such as getting an almost 2 ton car from 0-60 mph in less than 2 seconds. Yet, they also have a range of around 300-400 miles per full charge.

How your children can get into this kind of career path is to study automobile technology and engineering. This would mean getting into a university which is specifically geared toward providing this kind of education. Preferably you would encourage your kids to look for a school, college or university which has a long and rich history regarding automobiles. This is because the best teachers and lecturers from around the country and world will be working there. The best knowledge always flocks to the most prestigious and highly paying places of education. Make sure your children are paying attention in metal class or wood class. Learning about how things work at an early age is crucial to fostering their interest into early adulthood.

Creating future homes

As the population of the planet grows and grows, we’re heading closer to 8 billion people. There has to be some way to house the growing number of young families that live and work in the city. Getting on the property ladder is very difficult so the real estate industry is having to innovate immensely to accommodate customers. Now more than ever before, getting involved in the real estate development industry is an incredibly lucrative opportunity. As with the recent developments for urban housing strategies, smaller but more spacious homes are being built. This goes hand in hand with the architecture and interior design industries. However, being the overall property developer, you encompass both the other two relevant industries hence why, you have a million different opportunities that lie ahead.

There are a number of routes your children can take to become professionals in the real estate industry. They can of course take a non-traditional route but the usual ways are taking a business degree in college or university. Property development is also a special course some universities provide but the best schools are going to offer specialist courses. With this kind of educational background and skill level, your children can work literally anywhere in the world. The most notable places that many Western graduates are going is to Asia but more specifically, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. The wealth in these countries is now quickly being attained by ordinary people, thus there is a mass shift in the working class to the middle class. Modern banks and businesses are also moving into these parts of the world and developing their own Asian headquarters in the most modern commercial buildings is high up on their wishlist.

There are many careers that have become irrelevant over the decades past. However some have not only stood the test of time but have become the most exciting industries to work in for any young professional. If your children really love cars, they should be encouraged to get more involved in automobile engineering. Device technology is the talk of the whole world right now with the next evolution being large foldable smartphones. By taking a computer science master's degree, a senior role in software development is achievable. This can also lead to someone working in the video games industry as virtual experiences require a lot of programming and coding knowledge.

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