Where An Acupuncture Career Can Lead You

Frugal living is great and all, but sometimes you need to increase your income so you have more leeway in the budget, instead of just lowering your expenses again and again. To raise your income, some people decide to learn a trade, and studying acupuncture is one of them. Here's an infographic from a reader that shows you possible career options that open up to you if you study acupuncture.

Interested in studying acupuncture but unsure of where it can lead you?

After enrolling in a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) with Endeavour: Natural College of Health, you will learn the necessary skills needed in the treatment of conditions such as neck and back pain, migraines, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

While you will possess the knowledge and expertise passed down from traditional Chinese medical practitioners, will you be able to forge a career as an acupuncturist?

Four popular paths for acupuncturists are outlined in the infographic below:

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