Look Who We Found!!!


Look who we found!!!!

We were so worried about our dog and the kids were petrified that she'd be hit by a car or something...

An hour ago we got a call from a girl who isn't a dog person but thought they found her. She sent us this picture of her and I wanted to be doubly sure it was her because we had a few false alarms (never knew there were so many dogs that looked like her) but wasn't her. She put me on loudspeaker and I called her and she reacted by barking so we knew it was her.

The friend whose house she ran off from went to pick her up from the girl who caught her, and then another friend picked her up until we were able to get her. 

And then my dad, whose house we have been staying at, drove me to pick up Snickers from this other city even.... 

We're currently in the car on the way back to his house and we're so relieved and can finally breathe.

I'm not sure who is more excited, Snickers, me, or the kids. 

I especially wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted about her, shared pictures, scoured the neighborhoods by foot and by car, and just in general did what they could to help us get her back! 

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  1. That's fantastic! So thrilled to hear that you're reunited.

  2. Delighted for you all; so glad it has ended so happily!

  3. I'm so happy to see this. <3

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