5 Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioning Unit

I didn't grow up with air conditioning in my home. And then I moved abroad and got married and we still didn't have AC in our homes. Finally our current home does have AC units, but I'll admit I am clueless when it comes to maintenance of them (I did figure out how to clean the filter though!) so I really appreciate this post sent in from a reader about how to take care of my units.

Air-conditioner's coils, filters and fins need regular cleaning and maintenance in order to function efficiently throughout its period of service. Neglecting basic maintenance practices usually result in a steady decline in both the effectiveness and efficiency of the air conditioning unit. There are a couple of things that you can do to prevent damage or unnecessary expenses which you can actually do by yourself.

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When carrying out maintenance tasks, ensure you understand what you can and can't handle. If you are not well conversant with parts of the system, it's always advisable you hire an expert to do the maintenance work for you. It's obvious you are carrying out maintenance to help your unit operate for long, but improper handling can cause serious problems too. Below are a few DIY tips that will better your air conditioning unit.

Clean air filters regularly

Many air conditioning units have reusable air filters. Ensure you clean or repair a damaged one periodically. Air conditioning units are usually in full use during hotter seasons. Ensure you clean the filters every month during that period. Doing so will help get rid of allergens and dust that hamper airflow making the unit to strain. You can also replace the filter if it's damaged beyond repair.

If the air conditioning has been on standby or in use for long without cleaning, the dust particles usually harden and cannot be removed by soap and water alone. In such a case chemical solvents such as aircon chemical wash are used to get rid of hardened dust material or dirty grease on the fan coils. This cleaning method thoroughly cleans the fan coils, drainage system, pipes and fins making it easier to transfer hot or cold air more effectively.

Regular inspection of the thermostat

When carrying out a maintenance task, scrutinize the thermostat to see if it's functioning properly. Nowadays, there are programmable thermostats that enable you to enjoy optimal temperatures depending on your style. That's not all, they save on running power and electric bills too. Consider upgrading your thermostat and enjoy the benefits that come with smart tech thermostats.

Check the condensing unit

This is the heart of the system as it's the one responsible for the warming or cooling of the air. The fan attached to the condenser should be in good condition at all times. If you notice broken chips or cracks on the fan—replace it as soon as possible. Older air conditioning units require you to oil the fan motor regularly. When carrying out maintenance, look for signs of melted insulation, overheating or burned wires. This usually means a major repair is needed and you should let an expert help.

Inspect the unit's wiring

Your air conditioning system has loads of wiring connections that need to be checked regularly. For instance, you can inspect if the fuse is still operating or the unit's capacitor using a tester. If you notice any damage, inform a reputable local technician who will be more than happy to help replace the damaged component.

Clean external parts of the unit

It may seem obvious, but many people do it wrong. Dust and debris are the main contaminants of any air conditioning system. While cleaning the outer part of your system, ensure the power is off in order to prevent sucking of debris into the system. You can then use a garden hose to remove the dust and debris.

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Proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit will not only enable it to last long, but prevent major costs incurred when serious repairs are needed. You will also save on running costs due to improved efficiency, enabling you to enjoy a cool and comfortable environment during the hot periods.

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