Recent Frugal Accomplishments

I've been super busy lately, but even with that managed to get frugal things done. I'm really proud of all the frugal things I did recently. Here's a sampling of them.

Produce to be used to make Turkish salad

Cheap Grocery Shopping
When I was in the neighborhood anyhow because of appointments, I went to a grocery known for their cheap gluten free bread and stocked up.
I went twice to the farmer's market and stocked up on super cheap veggies and got free chicken scraps for my dog.
I went to the scratch and dent store and got some great frugal grocery deals.
There's another store, locally, that has great frugal deals, but they have limited opening hours. I timed it right and was able to stock up on really cheap chicken wings, milk, cheese, chicken breast, and reduced rack produce.

Cheap Shopping
Planning for my upcoming camping trip for the family, I purchased discount sleeping bags and a tent from a scratch and dent store.
I needed some larger shirts to fit me, so I found some cute and cheap tunics on sale from Zulily and bought there.
I bought yoga mats cheaply from aliexpress to use for our camping trip.
My oldest son, Lee, wanted to purchase a new phone, so we price compared and he found that the cheapest phone of the type he wanted was being sold on Aliexpress cheaper than anything locally. It came quite quickly as well.

My kitchen faucet was leaking and needed replacing. I searched online for the cheapest faucet head replacement, and found that one houseware store near me sold it cheaper than any other place, but then it wanted to charge a larger amount for shipping. Since I needed to be in the mall upstairs from that houseware store that same afternoon, I paid a visit to the store and literally bought their last faucet head for super cheap, and then replaced it myself. I felt like such a superstar doing that! I know its probably something simple for long time DIYers but this was my first time doing something like this, and it only encourages me to do more.

Gave my son, Lee, a really cute and stylish haircut.

Made From Scratch
I made so many from scratch items in the kitchen lately. Some of them were as a fun activity with my kids, and others were just things I did. They included:

A huge batch of salsa from scratch, all from reduced rack produce, all to be canned after
I've been really trying to calculate my days in advance, and buy day passes for the bus for the days that it is more worthwhile for me to do that, and pay for individual fares for days where that is cheaper.
I got a lift with someone from my community to the nearest city, which meant I got to save money on bus fare.

I reworked my cell phone plan to get three cell lines for the same price as I was paying for one beforehand, and they are throwing in a smart TV as well.

What have you done lately to save money? Any deals or feats you're especially proud of?

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  1. amazing
    You're an inspiration.

  2. Wow, seriously wow! You should most definitely be feeling proud. This would be an impressive list even for a person without all the responsibility you shoulder.

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