Why an Inflatable Hot Tub is Worth the Cost

Locally, going to the swimming pool is quite expensive, and the beach is far from my home. For that reason, now that we finally have a yard, I've toyed with the idea of getting a backyard above ground pool for the family to enjoy in the summer. Now that I read this post by a reader, though, I'm wondering if maybe we should get one that doubles as a hot tub.

A soft hot tub or inflatable hot tub is a definitive garden luxury item that can be a wonderful addition to any home's backyard or garden regardless of how small or large that said space may be. It's fancy, it's portable, however, what most people tend to want to know is whether it's worth the cost or not. Just envision yourself completely relaxed in that cool water on a day during summer when it's particularly warm or alternatively submerging yourself in warm water on those cold winter evenings. Either way, this type of hot tub is so versatile you can use it in all weathers.

If you happen to be considering installing such a thing, arguably one of the biggest decisions you'll probably have to make is whether to go with the soft hot tub or whether you should go with a solid or static one. It's really not something that should be taken lightly and this is in large part why this article is here for you today. This guide from Linton's In The Garden will help give you a lot of insight on matters concerning things like the best inflatable hot tub products available to you. Anyway, for the moment, we have for you hereinbelow a few reasons why you should consider getting an inflatable hot tub set up in your yard or garden.

1. They're both comfortable and durable

The beauty of this type of hot tub is that they're often times manufactured using durable, thick PVC material that's capable of withstanding high water pressure while the tub is being used so even when users happen to be bouncing around inside it you can trust that they'll be provided with great comfort and support. The best hot tub, most will say, is usually the permanent one, but if you can't afford it or do not have enough room for the permanent structure then the soft hot tub might just be exactly what you need. They are often extremely durable which means they're unlikely to tear or burst when frequently used. They've also been well-known to be able to survive harsh treatment even from the roughest of kids or households in general.

2. Don't need external plumbing

As they don't need external plumbing, all you need if you want to fill it up is access to running water and a garden hose. Hot tubs of this kind offer the owner numerous alternatives of where they can put it. When it's put indoors, it'll function just like a regular hot tub would with water jets that'll both relax and massage you. The folks at Linton's that we mentioned above have also done a fantastic job at coming up with a detailed guide on the things you should carefully keep an eye out for when buying an inflatable hot tub product. Chemicals can be added to the water if you want to clean the water as well as maintain the water's cleanliness, however, it's key to ensure you get the right blends and solutions. You can check your local spa or swimming pool supply store to find out what's available to you.

3. Portability

Arguably one of the biggest reasons why anyone would consider purchasing a hot tub of this kind is the mobility it offers the owner. Unlike permanent, solid and often in-ground hot tub setups, your inflatable tub doesn't necessarily have to have one sole position for its entire lifespan. It can be moved around as you please. However, that's not all. If you want, you can even carry it along with you on your weekend getaways. The flexible liners most of them usually have means they can be rolled up and stored in the trunk of your vehicle ready for your trip, no matter where you intend on going. On those cold winter nights, you can pack it up and make use of it indoors. Why just restrict the fun to the garden on those hot summer days? You can have as much fun with it indoors as you would if it were outside.

4. Affordability

Thanks to just having one pump unit as well as the fact that most are comprised of single liners, the materials used to manufacture this product happen to be way cheaper to produce. Whilst they might not look to be as static and as solid as permanent hot tub fixtures would, high-quality products of this nature are normally made from thick, resistant and durable liners capable of lasting you quite a while if treated correctly. When all of this is taken into account is when can realize the true value you'll be getting from your investment. When you think about it closely, you'll be getting a comfortable, portable hot tub product for a mere hundred dollars or so.

5. Its hydrotherapy features

Most physicians will prescribe hydrotherapy to treat diseases such as Tendonitis, Diabetes, Arthritis and so much more. The warm temperatures combined with either Hydrojets or Airjets (depending on the product you go for), will result in the pressure releases on your muscles and joints, giving you a relaxing stimulation which in turn helps provide your body with that great feeling. Studies have shown that warm temperatures of the water can help encourage blood vessel dilation, ultimately increasing blood circulation as well as help reduce your body's blood pressure. Hydrotherapy treatment is often used to help alleviate the symptoms of some specific blood vessel and heart complications that are normally linked to high blood pressure.

It is always fun when you visit a spa, however, it happens to be even so much better when you've got one right there in the comfort of your home. Sadly, though, unless you've got all the money in the world with a million-dollar home to boot, there's likely no way a spa can comfortably fit in your house. Space happens to be among the top benefits and luxuries of inflatable hot tub products. These items have the ability to give you a space without having to cramp up your spa moments. No spa treatment is ever complete without having your body soaked in a vibrating and a warm bath. So, what are you waiting for, get your hot tub today!

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