Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Healthy Food Choices For Healthy Teeth

I used to have perfect teeth... but as an adult, my teeth have been causing me issues. At first my children had teeth issues, but fortunately they've been improving as of late. I really appreciate these tips from Nancy Evans about how to keep your teeth healthy, via eating well.

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Parenting looks different from home to home. It is not easy and people establish their own way of doing things. Some parents are a little more lenient where food and snacks are concerned. They don't have too many rules about what to eat and what to avoid. Other parents are sticklers when it comes to what their children eat. In these homes, there are set do's and don'ts about what are appropriate snacks and what is being served for meals. Then there are those homes in between; a little of this and a little of that is fine.

Whatever rules you have in your home about food, one thing is certain: there are certain types of foods that are good for your child and their teeth, and there are foods that are not. Choose carefully which foods your child eats, as the wrong ones can cause a lot of tooth decay. Also, make sure they are getting to the dentist for their checkups. Make sure you have a dentist that offers complete dental care such as Canyon Crest Dental.

This article will discuss some of the good and bad foods where teeth are concerned. Let's begin with the good.

Foods Good For Teeth

Cheese — If there is one thing that we all can agree on is that cheese is delicious. It's not just delicious though. It can really help where your teeth are concerned. Eating cheese raises the pH balance in your mouth and, in turn, lowers the risk of tooth decay. Some say that because you are chewing, it increases the saliva in your mouth. Another good thing about cheese is that it contains calcium and protein. These two nutrients strengthen tooth enamel.

Yogurt — Calcium, calcium, calcium. This is a great choice that is good for teeth. Beneficial bacteria, also called probiotics, help your gums because the good bacteria crowd out bacteria that cause cavities. Look for a yogurt not too high in sugar, however.

Leafy Greens — They are low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. Kale and spinach are high in calcium which can help build tooth enamel. A B-vitamin called folic acid is found in leafy greens. You may not feel you are getting enough into your diet, so just grab a handful of spinach and add it to the next salad that you make. Don't be afraid to give kale a try, too.

Apples — Even though an apple is sweet, don't let that fool you. They are high in fiber and water. Eating an apple makes saliva and that washes away food particles and bacteria. The texture of the apple stipulates the gums. Cut one up and put it in your lunch. Your teeth will thank you.

Carrot — Eating a carrot has many healthy-teeth benefits. Like the apples, they are crunchy and full of fiber. They are also a really good source of vitamin A.

Celery — Even though celery is considered bland, it can be great for acting like a toothbrush. It can scrape food particles and bacteria away from your teeth. Celery also contains vitamins A and C. These two vitamins are a good healthy choice for your gums.

Almonds — Almonds are a good source of calcium and protein. They are also low in sugar. Enjoy a 1/4 cup with your lunch or as a snack.

Foods That Are Not Good For Teeth

Acidic Foods — Those citrus foods you love might be eroding your tooth enamel. Even that friendly glass of orange juice can be bad news for your teeth. Eat and drink citrus in moderation.

White Bread — Say it ain't so! White bread can really be bad for our teeth. It can stick in the crevices of our teeth and can invite bacteria. After you eat the bread, the enzymes are converted to sugar.

Soda and Sports Drinks — Just like with drinking soda, there is a lot of sugar in sports drinks. They can contain up to 13 teaspoons. This can begin eating away at the teeth.

Dried Fruits — Dried fruit seems to have a lot of sugar. That harmful bacteria in our mouth feeds on sugar and really can cause damage to the teeth.

Pickles — It's that acid again.  That wonderful sour flavor is the vinegar. But the vinegar adds to the acidic content and can also cause harm to our teeth.

This is by no means the only foods that are bad for the teeth, but it is a guide. Keep an eye out for sugary and acidic foods. Get to the dentist for your checkups. Brush your teeth several times a day. If you follow these suggestions, they will help you and your family keep your beautiful smiles!

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