How I Got a Free 49 Inch Smart TV!

I hadn't planned on writing this post, but I was told by a friend that I absolutely must make it into a blog post, so here it is.

Here is how I got a 49 inch smart TV completely for free.

Until last year, I completely wasn't involved in my cell phone plan. Michael took care of it, found the deals, paid for it, and I really wasn't connected to it at all. Until we started the divorce process, and I transferred my account and number from a joint account to a separate account within the same company, lets call it company H. 

Every month I was paying 34 dollars for my cell phone which included unlimited calls, unlimited texting, and unlimited data, and I was pretty content with that.

Last year one day I needed to get my son Lee a phone plan ASAP, and the store where I got it had a plan with another company, company G. I paid 25 for his plan and it was a bit more limited than mine, but was enough for my son's needs. Maybe I could have gotten better deals, but I wasn't that pressed to look around for more. I was content.

And then unfortunately, during school break, my son's phone got stolen out of his backpack. (He takes it to school because he takes public transportation to and from school and I need to keep track of where he is for safety reasons.) It really was't good, because the next day he needed to take public transportation again and he needed a phone, so that evening after work I stopped at the mall to go to the cell phone stores to get a SIM card for a backup phone he was going to use from his dad. (At this point we weren't devastated that his phone was stolen, since he'd already bought himself a new Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro from Aliexpress for super cheap, and it was on the way. But fortunately he did get his phone back, but the SIM had been destroyed.)
However, the store that sold company G's phones was already closed for the night, and they couldn't give me a replacement SIM card, so I went to company H and asked them if they had the option for a new SIM card, and they offered me a deal so amazing that I wasn't sure I heard it correctly.

When I told them I wanted a new phone line and a SIM card, they told me that I should get two new phone lines... Because they had a special deal, that if I paid for three lines total, it would be.... 34 dollars. 
Yes, the same price that I was paying for one line, I'd get three for that exact same price, same conditions. All unlimited phone service, texting, and data. I had considered getting my son, Ike, a SIM card, but since he didn't need it at that point (since he travels to and from school via an organized ride, not public transportation), I didn't see a reason to pay extra for a line for him. But since this was three lines for the same exact price as I was paying for one, why not?

Oh, and the best part of it?

It came with a 49 inch smart TV! Free.

I asked and asked again and again what the catch is... and I found out that the catch is that I have to stay with this price, of three lines for 34 dollars, for 2 years, and if not, pay back part of the cost of the TV. But that's not such a "catch" for me, because why wouldn't I want to pay $11.33 per line, for unlimited everything? Ok, maybe I'd be able to find a better price somewhere, but I'm quite content with this price.

Of course, I hit a few snafus along the way, because at first they didn't approve my application for this deal because of technical issues, but fortunately I got it sorted out, and finally about a month after I signed up for this deal, today I got the TV delivered.

Ok, not to my house, but to my friend's house in the nearest city, since they won't deliver to my town, but I had a cleaning job there today and then it was delivered while I was there (arranged that way) and I brought it home via bus afterwards. 

And I'm really excited about this.

This thing is HUGE!

We currently have a TV in our house that I don't use. It's Mike's and I'm waiting for him to pick it up with the rest of his stuff.  I thought that TV was big, since it was much bigger than what we had growing up, but this TV makes his TV dwarf in comparison.

I'll probably keep it on the box and only take it out for family movie night and put it on the dining room table for that.

Not sure though.

I looked online to see how expensive this costs in a store, and found out that this costs $520 dollars locally. (Cheaper in the US though. But electronics are pricey here.) I'm so psyched that I got this basically free.

If you live locally, contact the cell phone company whose name starts with an H and ask them for this deal. Totally worth it.

Do you have a TV at home? What size is it? How much did it cost? Ever got an awesome deal like this? How much do you pay for cell phone service per line/total each month?

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  1. Could you share the company and link to how you got the deal so we could get it too?

  2. Kudos to you on some smart shopping. My tv is a 65" LG. We love movies. I got it 3 years ago from Target for around $700 which at the time was a excellent deal. My phone service is $30 a month for up to 2 GB with unlimited text/talk plan via Metro PCS in the US.

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