My Free Things! And Frugal Shopping!

You all know how much I love getting free things, right?

In the past 24 hours, I lucked out not just once, but twice with free food! I feel like I hit the jackpot!

Last night I was in the city with my son for an appointment, and we had a little extra time on our way there. I knew we'd be passing by one of the scratch and dent stores I like to visit, so we popped in to see what they had.

They had packages of gluten free wafers, for 95 cents each, so I grabbed a few of those.

Lee asked me to get him some Mars bars, 28 cents each.

There also was this herbal ginger tea soda type drink, 57 cents a can, that he also wanted me to buy, so I said why not.

And then I go to the checkout.

And see this giant basket filled with packages of olives. Price? None! Its listed as free. I ask the shop keeper why it's free, and he says "It's free, don't ask, just take." Okay then. Why not. I filled up my wagon pretty much with as much olives as I could carry, and noticed that the expiration date is in a few days, and that's why its free. I don't care about expiration dates, they are meaningless. And when I came home with the olives, my son Ike's eyes widened in excitement. He absolutely loves olives and was shocked that they were free.

I was going to share about last night's shop just because of the olives.

And then I struck well today too!

The discount grocery store near my house advertised that they had some really cheap produce, 13 cents a pound for onions, beets, zucchini, and eggplant. So I got bags of each of them. I mean at 13 cents a pound, how can I not?

They also are one of the cheaper places that I can buy chicken wings, so bought a few packages for 75 cents a pound.

I had no wine in my house and like to have some available, and saw some bottles of white being sold for $3.97 which is cheaper than I usually find wine, but I only saw one on the shelf. I asked the store worker if they had any more of those bottles, and they helped me find two more bottles hidden in the back at that price. But then they pointed out to me that they also had bottles of red for even cheaper, for $3.70, so I bought a few bottles of those.

And then I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my super frugal beets, and there was a beet salad I wanted to make, but it called for fresh cilantro and I had none, and this store doesn't usually sell that for so cheap. However, I found some cilantro on the reduced rack being sold for 57 cents, so I bought that.

Also picked up a few mangos and sweet potatoes for my homemade sushi, even though they were a little pricier, at $1 per pound.

And as I was checking out, I was offered a free jar of khrein, spicy beet and horseradish condiment. I got two jars.

I really feel I lucked out. To have two amazing shops within 24 hours? By the way, total for these shops altogether was $54. Not bad at all.

Have you gotten any amazing frugal deals or free things lately? What were they?

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  1. Lucky you!! Hope your child enjoys those olives. I was cleaning my fridge and made this baked bean, hot dog, kale, onion, black olive thing in the crock pot. Turned out pretty good.
    The only free stuff I ever seem to get are samples, but hey, free is free. I did manage to get some boneless skinless chicken tenders yesterday at $1.69 a pound at LIDL. Made chicken Parmesan for dinner. Gonna use the rest from one package to make fajitas for my lunches and grill the rest for salads. So one 2.5 lb package is making a total of 10 meals for me. Not bad for 4 bucks. Keep posting. Love your blog.

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